Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Nerdgasm: Youtube Nerds in Review

In honor of the new year, here is a video compiling all the top youtube videos of 2012 into one. Mostly you should watch it for the amazing Felicia Day appearance, but it is pretty funny anyways.

What were some of your favorite nerdy things of 2012? We would love to watch, read or just see some of your favorites.

Here is some of ours

Star Wars Sings "Call Me Maybe"

"I'm Nerdy and I know It" Parody

The Guild Cast sings "I'm the One that's Cool"

Mr. Blobby on Big Fat Quiz of the 90s (Not so much nerdgasm as comedygasm)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 2013 brings us even better, nerdier things to share!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Just a letter to a show...

This is something that I wanted to write on Twitter, but it got too long. I also thought about writing this and posting it on Facebook or Tumblr, but in my heart, I know it is perfectly at home here. You see, I just finished the Leverage Series finale. A finale that came as a shock to me because I was expecting (hoping) for another year or so before it was cancelled. I'm glad that John Rogers and his team of writers were thinking ahead because this finale was worth everything.

It almost surprises me how much this show ending means to me. For those of you don't know, this is a Robin  Hood type of show on TNT that has a crew of thieves stealing from the rich and powerful to give to those who truly need it. It's cast includes Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane, Aldis Hodge, Beth Riesgraf and Gina Bellman.

Man, that backspace button has become my best friend during this post. Nothing that I type will ever be able to really get across just how I feel about this show. I may not know all of the episode titles but I do know that things like "Age of the Geek" and "DAMMIT *insert any name here*" will be things that I continue to say...probably forever. And I'm sure that "20 lbs of crazy in a 5 lb bag" has been said about me more than once.

I suppose that I'm just writing this to thank the cast, crew and writers for a fantastic ride these last five years. I'd write more but everything that I say sounds corny and ridiculous/cliched. I'm so glad I have you #trainwrecks because I know that you understand my ramblings.  I could sit here and lament of all my wishes that I have for this show: that we had seen where Eliot visiting his Dad had gone, and that we had found out what Sophie's real name was (although you did have me with Laura for a second there). I still want to know if the Parker/Eliot/Hardison relationship is just in my head or if it's a real, legitimate thing like I so want it to be (seriously, they die holding hands? Stop torturing me).

But I won't, much.

This is truly meant to be a thank you. To the writers for creating these characters and to the actors for really giving them life. I don't know what the show would have been without these dynamics that I like to think is brought by these specific actors. I love how much I could relate to these characters even though they had been through impossible situations in their lives. That, I know is a collective effort of the writers, creators, cast and even the crew.

One of my favorite comedians/podcasters/tv personalities (yes, yes I know, I can't go one post without the Nerdist being involved in some way.),Chris Hardwick, loves to say that it takes a miracle to get a show even read, and then another to have it cast with good actors who want to be there and with writers who want to make it happen and another still to be given a pilot, and then again for that pilot to be picked up. For Leverage to have all of these things and five seasons is a tribute to just how good of a show it truly is/was. I'm not even going to start in on how some of my favorite actors ever were guest stars (but since you twisted my arm, Alona Tal, Sean Faris, Wil Wheaton and Adam Baldwin to name a few).

I guess what I've really just been trying to say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you for five years of a great television show, thank you for introducing/reintroducing me to some actors, whose careers I am sure I will be following for a long time.  Thank you big time for reminding me that Christian makes fantastic country music. I am so sad to see this show leave my TV screen but I am comforted with the knowledge that I can still watch episodes on Netflix (and ask for the DVD sets for the foreseeable future). Leverage may no longer be a running show, but it will forever run in our hearts (okay, ew corny I know, but still true).

I'm boring myself with the sap/have to go comfort myself by watching terrible terrible things happen to John Rogers in Fiasco on TableTop (Go google it, it's fantastic, if you don't already know what it is).

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve Nerdgasm!

So here are some awesome-ly nerdy gingerbread houses. Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Miranda Hart,

I would like a job. Oh right, I should probably introduce myself and tell you why I would be qualified for a job. That is how logical writing works, right? While my prose can be quite well-written, I know you have very little time, so I think a list of credentials and reasons would be much quicker for everyone. So here we go, on with the letter! (See what I did there?)

1. My name is Katie, I was an Arts Admin Theatre Major in College and blah, blah, blah, all the things on every other resume. I am qualified to work in Theatre/Performing Arts.

2. I just want to work in comedy in anyway. You can easily provide that. You're a comedian. You need help with things. I can help you with those things. Those things can be pretty much anything, barring anything illegal or dealing with heights. I don't do heights well. So if you are looking for a bungie jumping partner, you may have to look elsewhere. But I would probably try to do it anyways.

3. I have previous experience in working in the comedy field. I am doing it now in Chicago. So, you know that I know the ins and outs of the comedy world.

4. I watch a lot of TV. A good chunk of my life has been spent with TV. It's like we are good friends, especially comedy TV. Comedy TV and I are best friends. So, I know what is good, what is bad, and what is good but the public just sadly never responds to. I've got it down.

5. You're kinda my comedian Idol right now. I found out about Miranda about two months ago and have already watched all the episodes at least 4 times and some more than that. It's funny every time. I would like to learn from you. Now, obviously that seems like more of a reason for me to want to work for you, but look at it this way. If I respect your work that much, you know I will give you more dedication than anyone else. I will go above and beyond, and that applies even if I am just the coffee/errand girl. I don't know care. All that matters is I am working for you.

6. I love London. I currently live in Chicago with my mom and you know how that can be. One wrong, little thing said and you are a ball of rage. So, I will happily (oh so happily!) move anywhere you may need me, which I really hope is London area. If it's not, I am little confused, but I will take it.

7. Please. I asked nicely and that should count for something. Right?

8. It isn't just you. I could probably help you navigate those tricky life situations because I could at least equal some of your embarrassing moments, if not surpass them. My boss just told me today, "Maybe you're chemically unbalanced." He also calls me "sassy" a lot. So standing next to me, you can look like a well poised and elegant person.

9. I will work for practically nothing. I just graduated from university. I am not expecting much from life, money-wise, right now. I just need enough to live and pay a few small student loans. That's all. I have survived on a bag of pretzels for a week. I can handle the small wage, you could provide.

10. I am patient (sort of, it depends on what I am waiting for. If I am waiting for someone driving to take a right turn, not patient. For you to give me a job, super patient). Perseverance , I think, pays off in the long run. So, I am willing to wait for this as long as you need. If you see this a year from now, If the date is December 2014, still contact me. I will accept whatever job you have to offer at any time.

Well, I hope those reasons have given you something to think about, and that you will consider me for the next open position you have available. Regardless of how this goes for me, I can't wait to watch the next season of Miranda. I hope all is well with you and you also keep laughing. I know I am laughing at myself right now.


#The Trainwrecks

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Harry Potter Sappy Post

I know, this blog is usually full of funny, random, and absurd things. Today, I am making a little change. So sorry if you don't like sappy, but being a potterhead actually means a lot to me for more reasons than it is just a great book. So, if you're not a fan then don't read this, it will just make you annoyed and I don't those feelings around my blog. (Unless you're using it to fuel an angry logic rant like David Mitchell). This post however is not for a David Mitchell rant.

Lets begin!

There are things that happen in life, and in the moment, they seem so insignificant, especially when you're a child. Kids appreciate nothing. However, one day you'll look back and realize that those small moments are the ones that mean the most. Over the past few weeks, I realized that The Harry Potter Series was one of those things, set of moments. It seemed like it was just a book series, but it became so much more to me.

The first thing that the series gave me was something/someone to look to when I needed help in any situation in life.

Any time I felt less pretty than the other girls or that I just did not fit in, I turned to Hermione. She taught me that as long as you believe in your abilities and trust who you are, people will realize what a great person you are. It may just take time.

If I ever felt that a situation was hopeless, I turned to Harry. He showed me to never give up no matter what the odds might be. He came out of some the toughest situations and if he can live through that, I can get through anything as well.

If I ever felt like I was always second best or that everyone just out shined me, I turned to Ron. He showed me that we all have different strengths and that those talents are needed, no matter what we might think of ourselves.

If I ever needed sage advice, Dumbledore was there with some words of wisdom. He teaches extraordinary lessons in each book. Even when his character dies, he comes back with my favorite piece of advice. "Of course, it's happening inside your head but why should that mean it isn't real?"

If I ever felt guilty over something and felt that I could never come back from it, Snape showed me that you can always find redemption. He also taught me that it works in reverse. That you can always forgive someone who is truly sorry for what they have done to you or someone you love.

And finally whenever I felt I needed a home, Hogwarts was there to take me in. It was there to give me the adventure I craved and place to believe that truly anything is possible.

It seems like these books could not give me anymore, I know. But it gave me something even better than what I listed above. It gave me a family. To this day, my mother is synonymous with these books. Without her, I probably never would have read them. When the first books came out, my mother forced my brother and me to sit down in her room and listen to her read about "The boy who lived." She was not going to allow us to miss out on these. Neither my brother nor I wanted to listen. However, she kept reading through our, especially my, stubbornness. Through most of the first chapters I sat on on the floor and threw grapes at her. It obviously did not stop her. She knew eventually these characters and places would mean something to me. And we all hate to say this sentence, but my mother was right. (I almost couldn't type that. It was so hard.)

And as my brother and I grew up, she stopped reading and we started. We would wait on the front porch the day we knew the next one was going to arrive. All three of us would have our own copies and see who could finish first.

Eventually, the movies came into our lives as well. All of us went to the Prisoner Of Azkaban midnight premiere together.  We all share that one as our favorite book. (My mom fell asleep.) Over last winter break, my mom and I watched all the movies on Blue-ray together over the course of a week, just because we wanted to.

The series boned all of us together. I'm pretty sure all of us cried (my brother will deny this but I have no proof to prove to say otherwise) when Sirius died.  Actually, I'm pretty sure my mom was on the floor sobbing when she read it. I remember that my brother walked in on her and just said "you just read..." and she nodded.  Even now, all of us sit around and discuss the series. We discuss that we all felt Lupin was portrayed wrong in the movies but Sirius was great. We discuss who are favorite and least favorite characters are. We also own both the english and american versions. My mother specially bought the UK dvds so it said Philosopher's Stone. #trainwreck family.

So really, she gave me the greatest gift which is the series itself. She gave me this place to put my hopes, dreams, fears, and anything else. She gave me characters that became friends. But above all she gave me the greatest magic, which anyone who has read the series knows is love.

I know guys, sappy, but I bet some of you have the same attachment in some form to one of your fandoms. This just happens to be mine. Feel free to share them if you like. Either as a comment or a private message on the tumble aaanndimatrainwreck. I would love to hear about it. Even if it is a different fandom as well.

This post is also for the fellow Potterheads. We are also a giant #trainwreck family.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Nerdgasm #9 and #10 kinda...

So, the first nerdgasm is the one we had on our own. Sorry, viewers this one is pretty much just for us, but you can also enjoy the wonderful face that is Chris Hardwick. Yes, below is a photo of the #Trainwrecks with one of our heroes, the nerd overlord himself, Chris Hardwick! Nora could barely formulate words because the nerdy-ness was just too much to take! It was wonderful!

And then he signed my Comedy idea book!!! and the drawing I made of him for Nora's Christmas present! He drew and arrow to his face and then signed his name like "that's me!" The night was just too good to take. Also, the opening comedian Nate was hysterical as well. All in all, it was a night I will never forget!

And in true Nerdgasm fashion, something for everyone to nerd out over! This is a crossover video of the Avengers, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who. So it has all the awesome-ness and it's funny!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Chris Hardwick (or, Why We Should Run NerdMelt Chicago)

Now normally I'd apologize for writing to you/about you so much, but you're Chris, the Nerdist himself, so I know you understand. Plus I'm betting you've never read any of my other letter(s) so this one will be a first for you. Yay! (BUT, if you happen to get bored/curious, you can check out my open love letter to you here.)

So here's some background, my co-writer and I are going to see you tonight at Zanies in Chicago and so before that happens, I wanted to write you a quick letter including some of the reasons why we should run NerdMelt Chicago. Should it ever exist. (Because you said in that one live podcast you did in Chicago that you would love to one day open up NerdMelt Chicago.) I am here to assure you that you should look no further than this very letter for your managers. Here's why:

1) Experience. We have a lot of it. In college, with a couple of friends, we managed to create and maintain a student group devoted to theatre tech and were used by various student and faculty run groups across campus during our time there. We have since done theatre anywhere we can/they allow us to volunteer

2) Tech! We know it! Because of the fact that for about a year there was just the four of us in our Tech group, we have all managed to pick up a few things about everything tech.  We even know our way around a few lighting/sound boards. Got an ETC Expression? Well we happen to have a little experience with that.

3) Familiarity.  We not only know a lot about Nerdist Industries and have listened to/watched almost everything to do with it but we know a fair amount about comedy as well. Full disclosure, Katie (my co-writer) knows way more about comedy than I do, but I'm learning. But the important thing is that we won't need play catch up very much in terms of the things you are/we will be doing. We're already halfway there.

3) Connections. We have them. At least, the kind where we can call all of our friends to cal all of their friends to come see the shows we will be putting up. That's totally a good thing. Right?

5) We really need the jobs. We're recently out of/still in college students with theatre degrees, do you know what kind of jobs we can get with that? We have pretty much been left with nanny and secretary. Take pity on us? Pretty please?

I sincerely hope you'll take us into consideration because really, when it comes down to it, just being included in anything Nerdist would be completely awesome. If you've got a minute, I hope you tour around our little blog and come to the same conclusion that we have. The #Trainwrecks and Nerdist will be a perfect fit.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Improv of Chicago: PBFs at Studio Be

No, the title does not mean Peanut Butter and Friends even though it totally looks like it does. It means something so much better, Potential Boyfriends. No, this is not a weird dating thing like many of our "friends" thought when we proposed to go and see them. They are an Improv Troupe in Chicago. They perform at Studio Be on Sheffield on Tuesday nights at 8pm for $7, but don't worry fellow broke people that $7 gets you a free beer at the Karaoke bar down the street. Where you get to drink and sing with them and possibly, if you're lucky, hang out with us.

Now, you're probably wondering why we are talking about this random Chicago Improv Group. What do you care, you live in Germany. But seriously people need to know about these guys and come down and see them. So we thought we would share our experience of seeing them with you.  So let's go back a few weeks to our first time with the Potential Boyfriends.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012. It is just after Thanksgiving; (in America, sorry again Germany. We do like you.) and what does a person need more after a week with family than a good laugh? So after my friend Shannon (another friend! They do exist. Sorta) introduced me to this show, and I thought, Nora needs to see this and Dan can come. You'll hear more about Dan. Now I am passing the computer to Nora because she got there first and has a fun story,

I actually have many fun stories. But I'll just share this one with you, have to keep you coming back for more. Right, so Dan and I leave pretty early to head down there because we are taking mass transit, and I trust nothing to get me anywhere on time. PBFs is a BYOB (I know right, awesome) so we walk into the Studio Be with our wine and say hello, introduce ourselves, and then belatedly realize that in order to open the bottles of wine, one must have a corkscrew (Katie chimed in with "One must not be an idiot." I know, so mean.). A PBF, Pete, offers to go retrieve their corkscrew for us, and while he does, we chat and mention that our friend told us about their show and she should be coming too.  All of a sudden we hear a CRASH BANG BOOM and some sort of yell that I took as triumphant. I call back "That sounds promising." Turns out, it was. Pete returned with a corkscrew, and we were able to drink our wine. Or, we would have been had we brought cups. Poor Pete was sent on another adventure to go find us cups. (I will cut in on myself with the fun fact that we have never brought cups and last night I just looked at Pete and said in a vaguely pathetic "Pete? Cups?" His so appropriate response was "I should just hand them to you when you walk in the door." See? They are the best.) We stay to chat for a little bit longer and then as more people arrive go in to take our seats. Annd back to Katie. Oh but first, I will tell you that I had texted her "We made friends!"

I did receive that text and promptly ignored it. So, my night begins on the train trying to find Shannon. I live a little farther South than her so she was waiting at a stop ahead of me. Now we weren't trying to take the same train, but I saw her and instantly jumped out of my seat to the door, which was a bit retarded since it takes a while for the train to stop and the doors to open, so everyone on the train looked at me like I was crazy. (Nothing new) I then ran out of train to Shannon, screaming her name only to find her standing next to one of my superiors from work. Now, I did get to find Shannon so win, but I also look like a moron in front of one of my bosses, so lose. We're even though, so the night is off to a great start. I then leave Shannon to go and get her drinks at Walgreens because I think I should get to Nora, since she has never been here before. She will just be alone with Dan. As I walk into Studio Be, I talk to Nick who is handling the money and say, "I have some friends here." He then responds "Oh, you know Nora and Dan." And I am just like, seriously, you guys have been here for 5 minutes. What could you have done to already have them know your names? I am truthfully not surprised but still. It happens every time. Why? We just make friends, awkwardly, every where we go. I just start laughing, and Nick is then confused. I finish paying and getting my stamp for the show and see Nora waving obnoxiously from the Theatre.

Now onto the show. Yes, that was just the pre-show! Now the show goes as follows. There are two opening acts that are anything from a sketch group to a stand- up comedian. This week there was one sketch group and one improv troupe. Both were quite good. We had lots of laughs. One of them was even from Second City's touring company, Nicole Hastings. We thoroughly enjoyed these groups, but they did not top the PBFs. The PBFs were in top form, mainly because of Dan. Dan had the improvisers dream suggestion. The question they asked to the audience was, "It was Thanksgiving last week, did anyone do anything weird or awkward? Dan waited a moment to see if anyone would say anything, but when they didn't, he offered this gem. "I broke up with my girlfriend in a 5 hour car ride. The beginning of the car ride." One of the PBFs, Pat,  went straight to shake the Dan's hand. This led to the way they structure their set, which is by telling personal stories based on the suggestion, and then acting out scenes based on their stories.

So they took the suggestion and ran. There were too many great bits to remember, but this one stuck out for it being utterly ridiculous and hilarious. Nick talked about his last girlfriend, who was on the heavier side and loved fireworks. Fireworks was actually why they broke up. He kept talking during the fireworks, which distracted her from watching the fireworks. (Really? How can talking disrupt the loudest form of boring entertainment.) That is also what Nick thought, which led to their fight and then their break up. So the scene was then based on killing fat chicks and luring those chicks into the basement with fireworks. Machetes were mentioned. It became complete chaos, but the best part was watching Nick, who was not in the scene, turn bright red, not be able to stand because he was laughing so hard imagining his friends luring and then brutally murdering his ex-girlfirend. No one in the audience could even handle the amount of laughter that was occurring. Yes, that bit was a bit darker than their usual...sometimes, but it was amazing.

The other bit we have to mention came from the second week we went. (Yes, we have gone for 3 or 4 weeks in a row. ) Nick and Pete are playing 2 mothers in a scene and the one mother (Pete) is looking to redecorate her child's room now that they have moved out. Pete suggests sex dungeon. Nick, also a mother, starts talking about all the different things one can do in a sex dungeon. He rattles off a few and then ends it with this,"Sometimes you just want to get punched in the butt by a garden gnome." (Do you know what that means? Neither do they.) So, then the rest of the scene is played with Pete trying to get Nick to describe what that euphemism actually means. Nick, obviously having no idea, spends the scene trying not to describe what the euphemism means. The battle between the two makes this scene unbelievably funny. Then right when Nick is backed into a corner and about to explain, Pat runs across the stage and stops the scene. Everyone in the audience laughs and groans because they wanted to know. Joey then runs out and actually explains. (But sorry guys, we don't remember the explaination. Maybe that's a good thing.)

The next part of the night is our time at the bar where we obviously become best friends with the PBFs and by "best friends" we mean, we talked/hung out with them a bit. They are really nice, personable guys. (They might deny that) Okay, if you are not a big improv fan (I don't understand why you wouldn't be but to each his/her own.) there is one other major reason to come out on Tuesday night, and that is to see Nick perform karaoke. There is no one that can beat his performance of "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5. So if you go, don't sing that song. Nick will kill you. He owns the stage. That alone should get you to come and see these guys and get a FREE beer.

Now it is on a Tuesday, so that is hazardous for those of us who work because they might end up at work the next day covered with PBFs stamps all over their face and arms. The stamp ink does not come out easily and forced me (Katie) to wear long sleeves to the office in order to not have my boss ask questions. It also kinda looked like I got punched in the face because the ink smears just fine, so it looked like a little blue blotch on my face. It was very flattering.

So what should you be getting from this long convoluted post? If you are in the Chicago land area, make time on a Tuesday night to see some cheap funny theatre and get a free beer with The Potential Boyfriends. You will see us there, laughing our asses off. How will you know it's us. Just do the #trainwreck hand signal, which goes as follows. Put your arm straight out toward the person you believe is a fellow #trainwreck, and then with your palm facing them, move it in a circular motion. If they are a #trainwreck, they will respond by doing that same hand gesture but with the hand/palm facing themselves. Basically this is silently saying to them "#trainwreck" and them responding "obviously." We hope to see you there!

Check out PBFs Facebook Page Here:
If you like the page, you will know about all their shows and what not.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Nerdgasm #8: Neil's Puppet Dreams

So, many people have begun speaking and posting about this new web series by NPH and for good reason. This is hilarious show, and it brings some of our favorite people back together like Dr. Horrible and Capt. Hammer. So far they are only a few episodes in, but it is turning out to be a very fun new show to watch.  If you have not seen it yet, you need to, which is why it is this weeks Nerdgasm.

Here is Neil's Puppet Dreams Episode 2:

And yes it is another from Nerdist...We really love promoting their stuff. And we're okay with that. Hi, Chris if you ever see this!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Perks of Being a Person Who Lives with Their Parents

So, here we are in our 20s. Most of us probably went to college or did something similar to get us out of our parents house for a while at least. But now that wonderful delusional time is over and the real world awaits, which means you have moved home to save money so you can leave again and not have to come back.

However now, living at home seems harder than it has ever been. Am I right? All one of your parents has to do is say "Go to bed," even as a joke and all of sudden you are a ball of rage. I CAN GO TO BED WHENEVER I WANT! I LIVED ON MY OWN FOR 4 YEARS, AND I HAVE A DEGREE! I AM STILL ALIVE NOW AREN'T I? I KNOW MY LIMITS! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF! BBLLLAAARRRGG!! (I tend to scream that in my head every time. Kinda sound like Miranda Hart in my head when I do it too.) Obviously, it is an over reaction, and yet it happens every time. So here is something to read every time this happens in your life.

Perks of Living at Home (In no paticular order)

1. Free Groceries- There really is nothing better than free food. There is no more living on pretzels for 3 days until your paid so you can afford to get your next bag of pretzels and maybe a can of coke.

2. Money- If you look pathetic enough, they will give you money. My own mother does not ever want to give me money because that encourages me not to have a job. But every once and while, she'll just see me and hand me a 20. She even says, "I don't want to do this but I know you have no money and I just feel bad. You just look so pathetic." Really nice, Right? I take it anyway. I am pathetic.

3. Free Car! You get all the perks of having a car without almost any of the expenses. Yes, you may have to put gas in every now and again, but if you plan strategically, you won't have to. As long as you give the car back with enough gas, so you don't look like a total prick, which is at least a quarter tank of gas then you're totally fine. Then when they take it out,they have to put in gas before they bring it back. You do this and the car really is free!

4. Cable TV! Now, I do not use this perk that much since I have the internet, but still, you get all the cable channels for free. You can watch all the ABC Family: Harry Potter weekend you want. What? You wanted me to say, you could watch all the HBO and Showtime you want? Yeah, I still don't have those channels. But at least I have the 25 days of Christmas and the 13 days of Halloween. (I really need to become an adult. Maybe it will happen sometime.)

5. Location- You get to (hopefully) live in a prime location. Whether that location be back in your childhood neighborhood where you know where everything is and know all the secrets of the town, or in a really nice neighborhood near great transportation because your parents say, "screw having a house out in the middle of nowhere, we want to live where we want to live." So now they live in their dream downtown condo, and you get to have all the perks of living downtown in the middle of everything. Either way there are perks there.

6. Alcohol- There is always alcohol somewhere, and you did not have to pay for it. My mother is a wino, so there are always bottles of wine at my house. Nora, I don't know what her parents always drink, but man, do they have an awesome liquor cabinet. So, even when they drive you nuts, you can always drink their alcohol. You'll feel better.

7. Dry Cleaning- Finally, you get that interview you have been searching the internet for. Back in the college days, you would hope your best work outfit/suit was not wrinkled/too dirty. If it was, you either gambled wearing something somewhat wrinkled or creatively came up witha interview appropiate outfit for that day. Now, those stressful days are over. You can just throw your dry cleaning in with your parents. They pay for it and most of the time, pick it up and drop it off for you too. You may get roped into one of those last two jobs but that's not bad at all.

8. Mattress- okay, I know that sounds weird. But everything you slept on, during your college/whatever you did days, sucked. A twin extra long bed? You have got to be kidding me. Now, you get to have the nice mattress your parents purchased. It is a zillion times better than the dorm/crappy cheap one you bought for your first apartment.

9. Closet Space- Oh yes, the wonderful thing known as space. No matter if you were in a dorm or a cheap apartment. You had very little closet space. The dorm you really have more a giant bin of crap that held everything, and you hoped you could find what you were looking for and it was not destroyed. In your parents house, you get a full closet full of hangers, and you can put in organizers to make it all pretty. (I still mostly use the floor to store my clothes but for you neat freaks this is a god send.)

10. I should have 10 things. But my brain is done. I had to scan documents all day and go grocery shopping, and I loathe grocery shopping. So 10 is up to you. What is the one specific perk you get from living at home that you think no one else has?

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very YouTube Concert!

(Sorry for poor quality. My phone is dumb)

We are aware that the title makes it seem like we are writing about Starkid, but that is not the case this time...I did meet Brian Holden...maybe that's why I have Starkid on the brain. This is actually about our adventure to see Alex Goot and Friends.

Let me tell you it was an adventure. Joliet is not Chicago and GPS should have spellcheck. Just sayin. So we'll start there. We got lost. Terribly lost, and it was mostly my fault and by mostly I mean all. I typed in Mojos thinking that's how you spell Mojoes. Well, it's not, and that took us 45 minutes past our destination. So we would have been 20 minutes early, and instead, we were 20 minutes late. Oops. So the car ride was our other friend (yes, it's true there is another but he lives a 1000 miles away so it doesn't really count.) sitting in the back ignoring the two of us yelling that the GPS is right and the GPS is wrong and neither getting anywhere but further from our destination. Finally, Nora spoke and said the address and I said that's not what is currently in the GPS. Thanks Mojoes. So we re-routed with a legal u-turn and got back on track. We finally made it! Woo!

So, that was our adventure, and now on to what you actually came here to read. Our thoughts and awards on the concert!

1.  The window. So we were on the second floor because that is where you can drink. We ended up sitting right across from this window that looked into the green room. Now there are shades there to allow the artists privacy backstage, but some artists did not want the privacy. They preferred messing with their friends who were currently on stage. And by "they" I mean Corey Gray and Alex Goot. And by "friends on stage" I mean Chad Sugg. During his set both Alex and Corey kept going to the window and causing the crowd to clap, cheer, fist pump, or whatever their puppet master wanted. It was too amusing to watch. I feel like it was a competition between Goot and Gray to see who could get the crowd to do what. Whenever the crowd played along with one of them, they would do a little cheer dance in celebration. All of which, we were able to see. Eventually, they closed the blinds because Corey had to go on stage and he was probably having the most fun with it.

2. Joliet is NOT Chicago. Every time they said, "What's up Chicago?" or "How are we feeling, tonight, Chicago?" Nora had to say, "Technically were in a different county than Chicago. This is a completely different town that is not Chicago!" She has issues. She knows it and is working on it. (Lies)

3. If you are a parent dragged to a concert where you are lucky enough to still be able to drink, don't sit anywhere you're in the way. You don't want to be there, and we don't want you there either; but you have children and have to be. So get your six Coronas and vodka tonics and sit at the bar away from everyone who wants to see the show. Don't make me play the-I-lean-forward-because-you-leaned-back to-see-game and then switch every 30 seconds. This is not a fun game because I don't win and then I don't get to see my favorite performer there which is Chad. The evil woman left after his set. At least, she didn't interrupt Corey Gray or Nora would have punched her....(Nora: Bitter? Me: Why of course not...lies).

4. All the artists ran their own merch tables. This led to many wonderful things. Mainly, it led to fun with Corey Gray! He told us all the shenanigans happening backstage like free haircuts, messing with the audience, and what not. He was really chatty and it was really nice. We bought his and Julia Sheer's CD which he immediately asked for our names so he could personalize the CDs. We then got pictures with him. Mine was normal. Nora's was awesome. While getting into the photo, she flipped her hair back, knocking her Starkid sunglasses off of her head. He then grabbed the sunglasses, put them on, and made a gangster like face for the photo. It is priceless. He is too amusing! And since the merch was run by the artists we also got to meet Luke Conard and Julia Sheer. (Photos below illustrate how Nora gets cool photos)
Katie and Julia (Normal Photo)
Nora and Corey (Awesome Photo)

5. We'll start this one with Nora almost told Chad Sugg I was Canadian. It might seem odd to you that I  can be shy and not say everything I am thinking. So when Chad came out to meet fans and take photos, he was immediately surrounded. So I patiently waited. I was twice the age of half of them which is weird enough. So I was like, I can wait, I don't have a curfew. But Nora, known for her patience (Not) was not having it. So she just kept yelling lies behind me, pushing me forward so I could then get my photo.  She yelled things as small as "We have an appointment to make at 10:30 at night" and then they just progressively got weirder to the point of "She is Canadian and came all the way down from Canada to see just you, Chad." Granted right after that, I got my photo. Luckily, he did not ask me if I was Canadian. I don't think I could lie to him. I did get to say, "Don't tell, Alex but I came to see you." Which he responded by saying, "Thank you" and giving me a big hug. So it was all worth it and it all worked out in the end. (No, thanks to Nora's lies....she says Bullshit to that)

Katie and Chad (I am not Canadian) 


Best Solo Performance: Alex Goot, but that's kind of a given since he is the headliner. You can't beat the headliner.

Favorite Voice: Corey Gray!!!! He could sing to us forever and ever and ever. You understand.

Best Solo Stage Presence: Luke Conard. Even though, it was just him and his red laptop (which we tweeted about), he was able to really draw the audience in and make them listen to his wonderful tunes. The Vlogmas helped. That was pretty cool.

Best Originals: Chad Sugg. C'mon no one can argue with me. He is fantastic. Everyone can relate to his songs and they all have his unique signature. You can always tell if it is a Chad song.

Best Backstage Shenanigans: A tie to Corey Gray and Alex Goot. Granted it leans more towards Corey just because when he went on stage, all the shenanigans stopped. So he was fueling the crazy.

Best Fan Interaction: Julia Sheer off stage and Alex on stage.  Juila was super personable at the merch table and gave her fans individual attention. It was really nice to see.  Alex really got the audience to play along with him at every turn. Everyone sang 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton and Everytime We Touch by Cascada.

Cutest Looking: Here is where Nora and I cannot agree. We're fighting. I say Chad and she says Corey. So that one is up to you. You can watch all their videos and give us feedback. You will not change our minds though. But we admire someone who accepts the challenge.

Overall we had a splendid time. We drank, we watched amazing music being performed, we laughed, we fan girl-ed out, and obviously mocked each other the whole night. And we also accidentally live tweeted the event. Granted, live tweeted poorly because we were wrong about a lot of things, tagged the wrong people and did not send thaaaat many tweets. So yeah. A usual night out with us when you add famous people we love and alcohol.

Sorry this is late. We were a bit busy and Nora broke her foot. It has been an interesting few days. But the post is here now and that is what matters!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Nerdgasm #7

So I am probably super behind on this one, since it was paired with comic con but whatever. I found it a couple of weeks ago and loved it. It has so many phenomenal nerdy things/people that I had to post it in case anyone else was as far behind as me. So here is *drum roll*.................

Trailer Park Heroes 
Zachary Levi
Adam Baldwin
Joel David Moore
Aly Michalka
and some special guest stars.

Brought to you by NerdMachine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Letter to a Childhood not Forgotten

A little backstory, I was at work and thumbing through my facebook feed while waiting for gymnastics to finish so I could pick up the kid, yes I happen to be a nanny.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remember ABC's T.G.I.F.?

So it's offical. Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage will be on Disney's new show, Girl Meets World, based around Cory and Topanga's pre-teen daughter, Riley. I am both excited and nervous about this. Boy Meets World in my opinion is flawless.(No hyperbole there, if you were wondering) It has great characters, good lessons, and it's friggin hilarious. So, to have a new generation watch something like that, seems like a good thing. However, I am nervous because I don't want this series to be the black mark on the otherwise flawless series. I am guessing that is how most Boy Meets World fans are feeling right now. Since today's TV shows are so different from the more wholesome sitcoms that came before, they might do this series completely wrong. But I have high hopes for the series because the two have signed on, and Michael Jacobs, the original creator, is working on it again. (How far off could the show be with all of that.) So thought I would take this surge of Boy Meets World popularity to discuss my love of ABC's original T.G.I.F. line-up and then later this week just the love of Boy Meets World by my co-writer. (Really we both work on all the posts, we spend too much time together. She is proof reading this now! Hi!) (Hi back! We know, we have issues)

Now, don't think I am only posting something on the classic 90s T.G.I.F. Sitcoms because of the recent beginnings of a Boy Meets World sequel series. This has been on our Blog to do list for a while and I have always had an unhealthy (I mean unhealthy) obsession with Boy Meets World since it began in 1993. (I was a #trainwreck from an early age. 3 to be precise) I have marathons of it all the time. And by marathons I mean, me in my room, alone,  just watching all my favorite episodes. I tend to call them Tuesday.  I quote it constantly,. I want my future husband to have eyebrows as sexy as Eric's, and I can make anything relate back to Boy Meets World in some way. (Go ahead try me.) I know, unhealthy. But that is the #Trainwreck way.

I really just miss these great teen shows. All the teen shows now are sex and drug obsessed. They have way too much drama everywhere. I think Gossip Girl is getting away with more things than Sex and the City did at the start. Okay, maybe it's not that bad but seriously. How do these shows stay on? The Playboy Bunny Club got shutdown after a few episodes for salacious content and that show was not even geared toward a younger audience like the other over done teen shows are. Granted, I am 22 and don't like these shows for other obvious reasons. (My nostalgia)

The 90s teen shows taught actual values, and you didn't even realize you were learning because Eric or Salem the cat would say something funny right after the sappy moral of the story bit. (Except in Full House. Stupid Full House...Sorry, I have just never been a fan. Hugs do not solve a child driving a car through the kitchen wall. They just don't) The humor didn't take away from the lesson at all, it just made it more entertaining. These new shows barely have lessons at all. The most moral thing I have learned from some of them is don't be a bitch because then maybe someone might try and steal your boyfriend. However, someone is probably already trying to steal your boyfriend, anyway.

I want the people who are watching these crappy teen shows to be exposed to the wonderful-ness that was ABC's TGIF line-up. All the shows were great and worked together to make one night of tv, even if it was a show like You Wish, Teen Angel  or Two of a Kind that only got one season. They still made them fit seamlessly into the line-up. This is channel where they had themed nights and all the episodes were somehow strung together, even though they were in completely different universes; like the Time Ball night. The night where Sabrina makes a magic time ball and sends the Sabrina cast to 60s and then Boy Meets World to the 40s. These nights were more than just a line up of shows. ABC made them a fully composed night of fun and made sure each show flowed perfectly into the next. They used tiny promos and bits in between the shows to create this flow. Salem would be on Boy Meets World set during the promo/bit with the time ball and be the cause of the time change. TV doesn't do that anymore and it saddens me. Most shows just stand alone. These nights are such a creative ways to make somewhat bizarre episodes for a real world setting show. What shows now have episodes like that that are not dream sequences?

TGIF night even expanded into the Sunday night movie, The Wonderful World of Disney. Do you guys remember those? The random Disney TV Movie premieres that did not go on Disney Channel. My family would sit and watch these almost every Sunday, and if they didn't, I did. (Wow I really have always watched a lot of TV. This is really interesting to notice now...once a #trainwreck, always a #trainwreck) This was the place where Sabrina Goes to Rome and Sabrina Down Under premiered. Both of those movies are now on my hard drive because they are amazing! Having a close knit group of shows allowed for such fun expanded programming. And since the internet was not huge then, expanded programs were much more difficult. No webisodes here.

I do realize I am speaking from a nostalgic point of view. This is the TV I grew up on and that obviously makes it better than the TV you grew up on; and every generation feels that way. (I am right though.) But these shows did perfectly encompass the 90s/early 00s, my childhood. Most of the shows started in the early 90s and then were off air by mid 2000. Boy Meets World began in 1993 and ended in April of 2000. Sabrina continued longer until 2005, but only because it was transferred to the WB, a channel that was having major success with Charmed and Buffy, and Sabrina fit right into their line up. So yes, I am biased on this topic but it's my blog (and co-writer's) and we do what we want!

So this was one rambly post so I will leave you with more writing. WOO HOO! Thank God! Just my favorite Episode of my two favorite TGIF Shows. Can you guess which ones?? Sabrina and Boy Meets World. So difficult to guess from what you have read.


Boy Meets World:
Season 7  Episode 3
"All Angela's Men" There is a part in this episode where it's so funny, the cast never even gets through it. You know it's good.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Season 3
Episode 16
This is the episode where N'Sync appears. Sabrina has had Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys and N'sync on it. Those three episodes alone are the epitome of the 90s. Got to love TGIF!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Nerdgasm #6: After Hours (Multiple Nerdgasm)

So being an internet nerd, you will have stumbled across the website Cracked. You know, that little site that has tons of funny things. Don't worry if you haven't, even though you will have missed a lot, including this amazing series.

I was first turned onto this series by my co-writer and quickly became obsessed. This is the type of nerd you aspire to be. They discuss, intelligently, all different aspects of nerdom/fandom/so many other things.

So this weeks nerdgasm is really a multiple nerdgasm because I am including a few of my favorite videos to get you hooked.

1. The 8 Types of TV Shows Ever Made

2. 6 Most Unintentionally Creepy Sitcom Characters (This one includes Feeny!!)

3. Why Pixar Movies are Secretly About the Apocalypse 

So I hope you enjoyed these and will check out the rest of the series on Cracked.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Dear Jimmy Carr,

as a fan of this blog, I know that you've read our letter to David Mitchell. You're sitting there, in your desk chair wondering "Why me next? These two girls are already going to be best friends with David, can they really have more than one best friend?" Well don't worry. We are open to many variations of this friendship. There is the version where we are all best friends in one group. Where my co-writer Katie and I are best friends with the two of you individually which requires us to split our time with you (something we are definitely willing to do). You can decide or we can have a discussion with the four of us. Whichever is easiest for you, really.

Get off the phone with the nice people with the white coats #trainwrecks, I haven't lost my mind. It's more like if I just assume that Jimmy Carr, world (our world at least) famous comedian/host/adorable man is a fan of our blog, then maybe one day he actually will be. It never hurts to have hope, people!

So Jimmy, continuing with our tradition (one letter is totally a tradition, stop judging.) here is a list of reasons why we should be the best of friends.

1. What better reason than we adore your stand-up/hosting skills and really, really just want to be friends. We already love what you do, which I'm guessing is something you really love to do and so we can talk about that. That's what friends do.

2. We enjoy British panel shows. Shows that you seem to know a lot about because you are either a guest on or hosting all of them. This leads us to believe we have similar interests which is also a major component of friendship.

3. You host 8 Out of 10 Cats and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. We read the newspaper. All of these things deal with current events. Which, if we were friends, we could discuss. Have I convinced you yet?

4. We don't care about your tax scandal. I looked into it after it was referenced on 86 (ish) panel shows and wanted to know what was going on, I read all about it and said "That sucks but I love him anyways." We still believe you're a moral human being and that's really what matters. Friends have to believe in one another!

5. You have the best laugh. It is big and really fills up a room. Many people tell us that we also have big laughs and so we won't make fun of yours, we will embrace it. It doesn't hurt that because it is so funny, that anything you say that makes you laugh will also make us laugh.

6. The way you wrangle people on your shows. It is only a skilled hand and gentle(ish) tongue that could truly get those people in line. And yet you do it, and you do it well. I happen to be known as the slave driver who makes jokes among my friends and my co-writer, Katie, is the perfect person to practice on. How about it?

For these reasons, and many more do we want to be best friends with you. Just think it over, and if you want to get in contact with us, to discuss our new friendship (or you are reading this blog and are not Jimmy Carr but would like to get in contact with us); you can do so at the following:
Twitter: Andimatrainwrec (Katie), npalmerco08 (Nora) and on
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Trainwrecks

So because one of us (not me) does not have a family (okay so she does, this is for comedic effect. Just go with it.) and the other has too much family, we spent Thanksgiving together. The day (still going on for those of you reading this on Thursday night) has been full of hilarious moments. Here is a selection of quotes from the day. No, there is no context...just quotes. It's funnier that way.

"You are not Flava Flav" Said Nora (me) to my uncle.

"Yeaaaa Boiiiii" The reason for the quote above.

"I hate skinny bitches"

"He is a Cat Thief"

"Katie, you're in charge of the butter."
         Katie's response "I guess no one's getting any butter."

"Don't get emotional! We're not Spanish. Oh wait yes we are."

"You guys are all a bunch of carrots."

"Evan doesn't want stuffing, he doesn't understand it!"

"You're more ON than OFF"

"Do we want our gravy thick or thin?"
      "You are asking the two people who do not eat gravy."

"I just texted him: We've had a half of a bottle of wine so far."
           ".........that's a double bottle."

"Fun fact of the day: the Welsh word for carrots, is morons."

"Well, I mean, he just dated her to sleep with her."

Just wanted to give you an insight into a holiday with the #trainwrecks. For you Americans, got any funny quotes from tonight? For all of you people not celebrating Thanksgiving today, hear anything funny during your day? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Women Of Comedy

Okay, I will be the first to say, I am not a feminist nut. Seriously a well placed "get back in the kitchen" is hilarious to me. Granted if you say that to me, your house may burn to the ground. (Just a warning. Ask me about the Toaster Waffles sometime.) To many, these type of jokes seem to weaken society, but to me, it's empowering. We have literally taken that phrase and made it our own to make others laugh.

Also, I am usually not the biggest fans of female comedians. No, this is not me saying that only old weird looking white dudes are funny. Granted they are hysterical. But so many women tend to fall into the trap of either, trying to ignore that they are woman and only making the vulgerist of jokes to prove they can keep up with men, or making every joke about how they have cramps and how men are retarded. There are obviously places for those jokes, but it should not be everything. That is why in this post,  I would like to show my appreciation for my three favorite female comedians. (In no particular order.) These women know what's up.

1. Amy Poehler- Let's just start with how amazning Parks and Rec. is. It is one of the best comedies on television in my opinion. Let's hope NBC doesn't do something dumb and take it off the air. She built such great and diverse characters in this crazy little town. It makes you almost believe local politics can work. If you have not seen it, please go on netflix and watch. (See I said please. I am being nice today.) If you don't have netflix, go on hulu. If you don't have either, I am not sure why you are reading this, and I would like to ask how you survive like a #trainwreck without at least one. At least one that is borrowed (stolen) from a friend. Sorry tangent. I do that a lot. Bare with! (Miranda anyone? We will get there).

Okay back to Miss Poehler. Now we all remember her on SNL as well. She played characters like Hilary Clinton and hosted Weekend Update. She even rapped better then some actual rap artists. Then even her small appearances like presenting an Emmy, she makes an impression. I can't say "I lied!" without thinking of her. She has done so much for women in comedy.

Then not only is she an amazing Comedian, but her message is fantastic, especially in Parks and Rec. She is able to empower women though her comedy. You see this obviously kooky and over-invested person and think she is crazy. However, if she just says she is going to be President, suddenly you're like, "Well if Leslie Knope can, I can!" Her character is always uniquely herself and never wavers from that. She is the most positive female role-model, I have seen on mainstream TV in a while, but is absolutely friggin hilarious at the same time. It's like you're learning to be an empowered woman through hypnosis because as you watch you really don't realize what is happening. All of sudden you're like "I can be anything! Thanks Leslie!" Truly, she is amazing! Also, UCB is fantastic.

2. Tina Fey- She is the one who made me decide that I wanted to work in comedy. Even if I am just the coffee girl on a cable access improv group show, I don't care. I will work in comedy in some form.(Hey Chris Hardwick, do you need someone to run Nerdmelt in Chicago???? My co-writer and I would be perfect.) Hell, as long as this blog exists and I laugh while writing it, I am doing pretty good. Well, hopefully others are laughing. (Nope. Just at me then. Oh well).

But seriously. I started watching 30 Rock and was just mesmorized by it. Liz is almost the perfect example of a #Trainwreck. She makes me happy to be one. Nothing goes right in her life, she is constantly stressed, she is the nerdiest person she knows, and she barely gets the admiration she deserves. That is how I feel most of the time. (Okay, all the time.) Of course, everyone feels that way in some capacity, but she is the person I want to be, so it's more special to me!

She was also the first female head writer of SNL. If that is not a thing for women, then I don't understand the world. (Well, I don't but I understand that!) She makes me want go for what I want and makes me believe that as long as I am doing what I love, I will find happiness in someway. Even if most people don't consider an over-stressed comedy junkie to be happy at all, I do.

3. Miranda Hart- Okay, I should not have favorites of favorites, but if I had to choose, Miranda Hart would win. I only recently discovered her because of my new obsession with British Panel shows. She was on Big Fat Quiz 2011. Have you seen our Big Fat Quiz of the USA post? It is quite ( and the American version of "quite" which means "very or really") good. I am biased though, but seriously, my co-writer and I worked hard! Sorry back on track! Bare with! (Get it now?? "Bare with" is a line from Miranda!) After watching the quiz,  I obviously internet stalked and found her on Would I Lie to You, The Graham Norton Show, her Sitcom and everything else. (I have a lot of free time and I don't sleep. Leave me be!) I am also ordering her book and just ordered the dvds....I kinda had an binge the other day. Yeah, no paycheck for me. Amazon is getting all my money.

Miranda is the perfect example of #trainwreck. (and I obviously am using #Trainwreck in a positive way). If you have not watched her show, here are some examples of her trainwreck-y-ness: She is constantly falling, lying, and acting just obscenely awkward in so many situations. She tells an old crush she is an olympic gymnast. And even though I watch this and constantly see how much of a mess her life is, I want to be her anyway because she just seems to be having so much fun in the not-so-perfect life she has created. She never lets criticism stop her and she lives how she wants, even if that includes fruit friends and a hoover vacuum dressed as man. So it is okay for me live online, have one friend, and watch British Panel shows and call it "research" for my career. Normal is whatever definition I choose.

Each of these woman has added great things to the comedy world and I salute each one. I hope you check out some of the things I have mentioned here because you'll laugh. And if you don't want to laugh you may want to seek help. Thanks and goodnight!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Nerdgasm #5: Ermahgerd!

So yes, we have been a little Nerdist obsessed lately within our posts. But is that really a bad thing?? Yeah, I didn't think so. Here is one of their latest videos. Watch it all the way until the end. You will not be disappointed.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Blog Turns One Month Old Today

N: Good timing for a thank you post?
K: I think so! So I guess we should do that then.

Welcome to our writing process.

That's definitely, actually, just about how it happened. I know, I don't know why anyone reads this either. (oops, there's Katie in the background "Because we're HILARIOUS. Obviously." Way to be humble Katie.)

Now that all most some of the crazy has been let out, to the real stuff.

You guys are freaking awesome. Our blog just turned one (month) old today, and we have had 1200+ views. In four weeks. Seriously, awesome sauce (yes, I just said that). For a blog that may or may not have started as a joke between the two of us, you have no idea how much all of you reading this means to us.  We've

HIJACKED! Nora has left to get our delicious bread-sticks out of the oven. Now that this blog has a following, it is time to discuss the real reason we started this. It is for my (Katie's) plan of world domination. I will need help though. As you know, Rome was not built in a day. Oh god, she's coming back. We will discuss later. *Acting Nonchalant*

And stolen back. This is a blog so I understand perfectly well that you can't see us, but I just rolled my eyes at her.

Welcome to our friendship.

Where was I...oh right, in the middle of a sentence. We've been read by countries I've never even heard of (Oman, right?), countries that I totally wish I WAS from (the UK for a certain co-writer and Spain for me. Hablas espanol? I do.), gained like a million (ish) new tumblr and twitter followers. Okay, Katie is sitting next to me and just interrupted my internal monologue with "A million, really? More like 20." I responded with "That's what the ISH is for." Co-writers, so annoying. Katie just sent an evil glare at me, awkward.

We've even been RE-TWEETED by some, okay one, of our favorite subjects. A Justin Robinett for those of you still reading this. We've also expanded our youtube-music worldviews. Stay tuned.

All in all, it has been a super mega foxy awesome hot (Starkid anyone? No?? We'll get there.) month. And we could not have done it without your support. Like seriously, we've had a blog post. Went real well. You've had us for a month and we're not bored yet! Yay!

You're awesome.  I talk too much. Katie's looking at me bored. So we're done. Keep reading, we'll keep posting. We love you.

oh and one last thing THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously, we love you.

In case you are not yet following us on the Twitter and the Tumblr, feel free to @andimatrainwrec or @npalmerco08 (or both, your choice) on the Twitter and aaanndimatrainwreck (official) or stillnuttypony or kahildreth on the Tumblr. That'd be super awesome.

Dear David Mitchell,

You don't know me and my favorite (and okay, only) blog-cowriter/friend but we should all be best friends. You may be asking why, okay so you're not actually reading this and therefore asking nothing but just go with it #trainwrecks. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of all the reasons why we should become best friends.

1. We probably all need more friends. I'm just guessing on your part but my co-writer and I definitely could use one more. Every friend counts! And best friends count even more!

2. We all have a temper. And yes yes, the majority of the human population has a temper but we three seem to have the same sort of temper. I like to call mine rage but maybe you don't. That's okay! Friends need something to debate about.

3. We rant about the same things. Speaking of that temper, you seem to rant on your web show, David Mitchell's Soapbox, about the same sorts of things WE rant about to each other. Things like: spelling mistakes, asking inappropriate questions, men's resistance to go to the doctor, and tv rudeness, and traffic...I tend to rant a lot about traffic.

4. We are all opinion-havers. Yes everyone has opinions, but ours are right! And we are all quite loud about them.

5. You never want to dance. And we, collectively, have what the US comedian Christian Finnigan calls a high dancing threshold. To paraphrase Finnigan, everyone has an invisible line inside of them that when they hear music they have to dance. Now, while I have a reasonably low dancing threshold, my co-writer has quite a high one. So I know that between the three of us, the music has to be really good for us to dance.

6. Not that I know what good music actually is. The last album that I actually bought was...the last physical album that I remember buying...album...was apparently so long ago that I cannot remember it. At all. I understand that you have only two albums...friends yet?

7. We all seem to have no social skills. This reminds me of a time when I was with friends reminiscing of a time where they could not get me to leave because they wouldn't just up and SAY that it was time to leave. After the telling of this story their friend turns to me and asks "Do you have aspergers?" And our friend turns to him and says "Do you have aspergers?"  Oh you've stopped reading this? That's okay, happens to me all time with my real friends. Even my co-writer has stopped reading this.

8. We're all writers. Well you're a writer as in you get paid to write. We...well we write.

9. We sometimes wonder who lets us talk/put things into the internet/be in public. Do you have this problem as well? If we were best friends, we could discuss this.

10. We all clarify our statements. On the off-chance that someone listening to us may be ready to jump down our throats and say things like "well technically, you can't be (insert obnoxious correction here)" we instead, clarify our sentences. Don't believe me? Read the beginning of this letter because it's there, I promise.

So these are all of the reasons why we should be best friends. But if they didn't convince you, here's one more. Being best friends with you means that we get to meet and be friends with all of your super funny, comedian friends! You know, like Rob Brydon, David Walliams, Alan Davies, Jonathan Ross, and Jimmy Carr. Okay, so we want to be best friends with Jimmy too. He's getting the next letter!

Yours truly,
The #Trainwrecks
-Katie and Nora