Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Trainwrecks

So because one of us (not me) does not have a family (okay so she does, this is for comedic effect. Just go with it.) and the other has too much family, we spent Thanksgiving together. The day (still going on for those of you reading this on Thursday night) has been full of hilarious moments. Here is a selection of quotes from the day. No, there is no context...just quotes. It's funnier that way.

"You are not Flava Flav" Said Nora (me) to my uncle.

"Yeaaaa Boiiiii" The reason for the quote above.

"I hate skinny bitches"

"He is a Cat Thief"

"Katie, you're in charge of the butter."
         Katie's response "I guess no one's getting any butter."

"Don't get emotional! We're not Spanish. Oh wait yes we are."

"You guys are all a bunch of carrots."

"Evan doesn't want stuffing, he doesn't understand it!"

"You're more ON than OFF"

"Do we want our gravy thick or thin?"
      "You are asking the two people who do not eat gravy."

"I just texted him: We've had a half of a bottle of wine so far."
           ".........that's a double bottle."

"Fun fact of the day: the Welsh word for carrots, is morons."

"Well, I mean, he just dated her to sleep with her."

Just wanted to give you an insight into a holiday with the #trainwrecks. For you Americans, got any funny quotes from tonight? For all of you people not celebrating Thanksgiving today, hear anything funny during your day? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

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