Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Improv of Chicago Round 2: A Mildly Sappy Post

A year ago today at 12:00pm I called my friend up asking if he wanted to come up north with me to see some comedy show that another friend had invited us to. I didn’t really want to go up there by myself and since we both had nothing better to do, he agreed.

A year ago today at 5:15pm I picked him up and we got a ride from my mom to the end of the red line. It was dark already and he asked me more than once why we were going so early, that it wasn’t going to take that long to get up north. I responded with something akin to “shut up, I do what I want… I don’t want to be late.” We put money on his CTA card (boy do I miss you CTA) and got on the train.

 A year ago today at 7:15 when we got off the train at Belmont (after a long exaggerated “I told you so” from the idiot standing next to me), we decided to kill some time by stopping at the Walgreens to fulfill our end of the BYOB.

 You know the story of our first show with, what we now call, the Boys but what you don’t know is that it was the breath of fresh air (or as my father likes to say, the new 'one thing that you have to do every week'.) that the #trainwrecks seriously needed. We were in a rut. To be honest, we were in lots of ruts. A social rut for sure, where we were almost exclusively socializing with each other and in #Trainwreck HQ. We were both also, although individually, in a work rut. I was in a job that I had fallen into a few years before but lately with my hours being cut in half (and all of the crazy), the bads were starting to outweigh the goods. And Katie will be the first to admit that while she liked her day job, it wasn't what she had gone to school for and she was severely lacking a creative outlet. 
After we met the Boys, everything started to sort of fall into place. She got to talk up being a stage manager to people who actually needed one (and ended up being James Franco) and I fell down a flight of stairs and quit my job (and although the Boys had nothing to do with it, it was wonderful to quit in January knowing I was going to go laugh (and, yes, drink) about my mildly insane former employer the next day).
 I've now got a lovely day job that I truly enjoy almost every day. And again, while the Boys had nothing to do with that either it's just really great to have a place to celebrate in (and people to bake for, who actually eat anything I make.) Katie ended up stage managing for them and leaving me to drink by myself throughout the show, where are you #trainwrecks? Come keep me company. She also ended up at Second City, The Public House Theatre and some other places all because these guys gave her a shot.

We've also got, what I'm pretty sure every 23 year old wants in life, a bar where everyone knows our names. Seriously. And it's a silly tiki-bar at that. But you know what world? It's our silly tiki-bar. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So at this point, we would just like to thank these Boys, even though they will deny it all, they deserve it because they got us out of our rut and to this point in our lives. We owe them more than they know and that they'll admit, and the least anyone can do is stop by, give them $7 and become a potential friend.
I don't really have anything else to say other than, if you have no idea what i'm talking about come by Studio Be (3110 N Sheffield) on a Tuesday night around 8pm (doors open at 7:45), bring your $7 and your B (as in BYOB) and stay for the funny jokes, and a free beer at the bar down the street.

You can find them on Facebook, and on Twitter
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 And yes we did just re-read that and said, "Who let's us talk to people!"   

Monday, November 18, 2013

NerdRage: It's a Wonderful Life Sequel

So it's Monday but this is not a Nerdgasm because Nerdgasms are supposed to make me happy and I am the opposite of happy. So, I thought to myself and asked what was the opposite of a Nerdgasm, and the answer is obviously NerdRage. Something that makes me so angry that I almost can't see straight, something that goes against everything that I believe in. So yes, I take to the internet to vent my frustrations. Don't act like you don't do the same thing. Crazy-Nerd-Rage is about half of the internet.