Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The "Sexy" Halloween Post!

I know, it's Halloween, and I am female, so I must complain about the costume choices for women. Cliche. But I don't care what you think! This is my blog! I do what I want and what my co-writer tells me. I also don't really care that there are "sexy" versions. In fact, it is kind of nice to be able to spot someone with an IQ below 85 at a distance. Saves me time. I do, however, think there needs to be a couple of rules for it though. This anarchy cannot continue.

Rule 1: Some things are just off limits. Certain costumes are just not meant to be "sexy." I'm sorry, but if you need to be a Bert or Ernie, you cannot be "sexy" Bert or Ernie. There are just so many things wrong with that costume idea, it's borderline disturbing, really. Here look:

See that is super messed up. It should not exist. My childhood has just been ruined and now, thanks to me so has yours! mwhaha...but really sorry you had to see that, but I am trying to make a point here.

Rule 2: If there is a "sexy" version, there has to be a regular option right there next to it, and it should be labeled as such.   Some of the places people buy costumes now, the package doesn't even say "sexy" anymore, they just say "ladies." See, that is not cool, and no one who deems themselves a "lady" would wear that. So, they need to hang the actual costume next to the sexy one and give us a choice. For example if you wanted to be Chewbacca, you would like the option to either actually be Chewbacca or whatever the hell this other one is. Really, would you know that was Chewbacca without the accessories? I honestly would be confused. I would guess so many things before Chewbacca. She doesn't even have a beard. She really just looks like she hasn't shaved in a while.

Rule 3: If woman have the options for every costume to be "sexy" so should men. Straight men and lesbians should not be the only ones getting something out of these Halloween costumes. I am equal opptunist. It's only fair really. If a man wants to be Sloth from Goonies, there should be a "sexy" version as well.

And finally Rule 4: All costumes, no matter what, are allowed corsets. What? They are fun and a man in a corset, looks hilarious.

In the end though, all the sexy costumes are really just stripper costumes in disguise. Any time you see a "sexy" version, you know that is the costume they would use in a strip club.  So, in reality, these costumes could be considered smart. All these girls really just want to be strippers for Halloween. They just don't want anyone to know. So, instead, they dress up like a character, but make it "sexy," and it's actually their stripper persona. So take a look at what costumes people decide to make "sexy," you may find out more than you wanted to know.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Nerdgasm #2

Okay, I thought I could not love this man any more than I already do, but as usual, he has proven me wrong. Here is Joss Whedon's take on Mitt Romney.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My open love letter to the Nerdist

A year ago if you had asked me to name a podcast, maybe I would have been able to name one, but let's face it that's a big maybe.  Six months ago I fell down a YouTube hole and watched an entire season (granted it was only about twelve, ten minute episodes but still.) of All Star Celebrity Bowling in one evening and that was when I fell in love with the Nerdist even though I didn't know it.  Five months ago, I started listening to the Nerdist Podcast run by comedian Chris Hardwick and his friends (also comedians) Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Today I have listened to over two hundred of their two hundred and seventy-four episodes. Three weeks ago I wrote this quemment to them (you know, a question that's also a's a quemment.) and today I decided that I want to share it with you. Because seriously, who else knows about loving things as much as I do than my fellow #trainwrecks.

Dear Matt, Jonah and Chris (In no particular order, that's just the way I say it in my head.), I started listening to your Nerdist Podcast in May of this year (yes from the beginning, I'm anal like that) and tonight I started the 200th episode with Kevin Smith. You go with me to school and are the cause (okay, one of the causes) of me making a fool out of myself in public when I start laughing in the grocery store or the parking lot while trying to find my car (which is a whole other story entirely). I've listened to you as I fall asleep and while I attempt to get myself looking vaguely presentable at an hour that I'm always surprised is in the AM as well as the PM. I've laughed with you, and at you...we've had our differences and I've shouted the titles of movies/books/songs that you've had trouble remembering into my radio/iPod while forgetting that you can't hear me. You've interviewed some of my favorite people as well as people that I had previously not known or liked but I always come out of a podcast having at least learnt something and usually with a large amount of respect for everyone involved.
And now that I've written my giant, gushy love's my point. Earlier I was listening to the Romany Malco episode and Chris mentioned that one of the reasons he wanted Romany on was because of the way he interacts with his fans and uses the internet. Here is my request: read this open love letter, from someone I'm sure we could ALL have a drink with and come out wanting to be his best friend/want to marry him (no? just me? it happens.), to Darren's fans and get him on the fucking podcast. 
See he and his friends wrote and starred in a little play during college called A Very Potter Musical and they put it up on YouTube for their friends and family to see, two years later their YouTube channel has 200,000,000 views, they have started their own production company (Team Starkid) and Darren is on Glee. They use the internet and social media in ways that I can only dream of and as a theater techie myself, who helped start a tech group in college that has now reached levels my friends and I never even thought of four years ago, Darren is such an inspiration and I know a few people that would love to hear him on your podcast (myself included). Did I mention he's super duper smart and a generally nice guy and lives in LA?
Don’t get me wrong, I know that’s not how podcasting actually works. Intellectually, I know that you guys can’t just say into the universe “I bet Darren Criss would be awesome on the podcast” and *poof* he’s there. I just think you’d make a ton of nerds so unbelievably happy if this happened.
And now that I've totally bored you/I’m sure you’re not actually reading this because I ramble and it’s become way way too long. Daffy Duck. I’ll just finish with a silly trick my dad pulled in law school when he was convinced that his TA wasn't reading all of the papers all the way through. But seriously I love the podcast.

So my beloved #trainwrecks, there we have it. I'm not sure that this will do anything (okay let's be real, this won't do anything) to help get my pretend best friend Darren Criss onto the podcast of my other pretend best friends,I just had to get it out. And like all of the other ridiculous things I do that cause my friends to ask "WHY?!" or sigh in an exasperated sort of way (I'm looking at you....everyone...), I do not regret it. Because at the very end of the day, I am secure in my knowledge of two things: 1) that at least someone other than me has read it and 2) that at least one other person out there has the same feelings as me...not necessarily about Darren Criss, or Starkid, or even the Nerdist..but I know that at least one of you has at some point felt a need to write someone a letter like this. And just for the record, I think you should do it. What have you got to lose?

Also, for Darren Criss's open love letter to his fans check out this link! Trust me, it's adorable.

The 12 Step Program for #Trainwrecks

12 Step Program for #Trainwrecks (Fandom Nerds): How to be a Good and Respectful #Trainwreck

1. We admit we were powerless over our Fandom - that our lives had become #trainwrecks.

2. Come to believe that actual interaction with people other than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3. Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of our personal Fandom as we understand them.

4. Make a searching and fearless inventory of all the knowledge we have of our fandom including; quotes, behind the scenes, goofs, and much more.

5. Admit to our Fandom, to ourselves, and to another human being or fellow social networker the exact nature of our #trainwreck-ness.

6. We're entirely ready to have our fandoms remove all these defects of character.

7. Humbly allow fellow #trainwrecks to ignore our shortcomings. Not everyone can know everything.

8. Make a list of all persons we have harmed by using our fandom to condemn theirs, and become willing to make amends to them all.

9. Make direct amends to such people wherever possible; re-blog their fandom, like their post, except when to do so would injure them or others or your personal fandom.

10. Continue to take personal inventory of our Fandom knowledge, and when we are wrong, promptly re-blog the correct info. We can't be known for being wrong.

11. Use youtube and tumblr to improve our conscious contact with our Fandom as we understood it, blogging only for knowledge of its will for us and the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other #Trainwrecks, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

The 12 Traditions for #Trainwrecks
1. Our common welfare should come first; personal victory depends upon Fandom unity.

2.For our group purpose there is but one ultimate Goal—a loving fandom in our group conscience. Our sponsored bloggers are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

3.The only requirement for Fandom membership is to love the fandom.

4. Each fandom should be autonomous except in matters affecting other fandoms or the genre as a whole.

5. Each fandom has but one primary purpose—to carry its message to the fellow #trainwrecks

6.A Fandom group should endorse, finance, and lend the Fandom name to any related facility or outside enterprise, use the power of the group to create change for the greater good. 

7. Every Fandom ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. No crappy ads or doing things just for more followers.

8. Fandoms should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special workers to keep the fandom going strong.

9. Fandoms, as such, ought to be organized;  we must create  cons, blogs, fan pages, youtube videos directly responsible to those we serve like Whedon.

10. Fandoms have no opinion on outside issues; hence the Fandom name ought never be drawn into public controversy of another fandom

11. Our public relations policy is based on attraction and promotion; we need to always promote our fandom to others in a positive way. No hate

12. Nerdy-ness is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place good over evil.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Fat Quiz of the USA

Big Fat Quiz of the USA

So if you don't know what The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is, here is a link. Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2006 Just watch it. I know it's and 1hr and 40 minutes long, but it's so worth it. Actually, watch all of them including the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Go now! I will wait........................................................................................................................... ..................................................................................................................................................................
...............................................................................................................................................I know, amazing, right? Told you! Moving on. Totally new found respect for Russell Brand.

Now that you know it is, you must agree that the US needs to steal that too. I mean that is what we do right? "The Office," "Being Human," "IT Crowd" (Yeah we tried to steal that, and it failed. Go find that clip. Joel McHale as Roy is interesting to say the least, but Moss is still the same!)
So, we need to steal this show too. My friend and I have come up with the perfect first set of teams. Obviously, after our first year we will have more. The show is too funny. Please submit your team ideas.

Here is our First Set

Team 1: Chris Hardwick and Wil Wheaton
Team 2: Joss Whedon and Seth Green
Team 3: Rachel Dratch and Scott Adsit
Host: Craig Ferguson 

Here is the reasoning for the teams. Knowing this will help us sell the idea to everyone and explain why it needs to be this specific at first. 

Team 1: First off, they are friends and hilariously funny together.  Also, they are two of the biggest nerds out there. Nerds always need to be on TV and comment on what happening in the world more. Watching them in any capacity be it podcast or twitter fights is always hellishly amusing and downright phenomenal. Done and done. 

Team 2: Well what is there to say about the God that is Joss Whedon. You know he would bring amazing things to the table. His is witty and a fantastic writer, and who knows maybe by the end of the quiz, this show will actually have a plot. Seth Green would be his partner because they have done some great audio commentary on Buffy, and I think bringing them back together would be great for some good old nostalgia. And who doesn't like nostalgia?

Team 3: There cannot be a show with comedian teams with out representing the biggest thing in comedy: SNL. Also, both came out of The Second City. Just a little knowledge for you. Technically this team can have a bit of change, but we would like to keep it to the SNL/30 Rock family. 

Host: Okay, yes he is not American. We know that, but he is not British either. So there! He is, however, insanely funny, and used to dealing with crazy comedians and celebrities. A big part of the hosts job is to reign in these crazies when necessary, but still be funny at the same time. That is not an easy task, (Why Jimmy Carr is amazing and we love him) so we need someone with experience. Also, we will never accept Ryan Seacrest for this position. You must be mad.

Look, it really shouldn't be that hard to get it off the ground. We just need the rights, a producer, a set, tons of money and 7 specific comedians (3 teams of 2 and 1 host.) Once we get that, we are golden. Who wants to head up that project? Anyone? We can discuss this. Let's just get the details out there so the person knows which comedians to call.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extra Post: Read and Watch All About it!

As many of you know, Community was slated to begin Friday, October 19th, but sadly did not. NBC for some reason seems to be taking their cues from FOX and we all know how that goes...FIREFLY!! Sorry, didn't mean to get so emotional. However since we have learned from the past, we can help the future. And we should, considering how amazing this cast is, look at what they did for us:

So fans, we must pull together to help this amazing cast and crew continue their amazing work. How? I am not so sure but, the more we promote and are vocal about it, the better chance it has. #sixseasonsandamovie. So fellow internet-ians repost this, reblog this, retweet this, re-tumblr this (not sure that's how you say it), re-whatever this and keep this show alive!

Friday, October 19, 2012

LIttle Things to Cheer Up a #Trainwreck

Little Things That Cheer Up a #Trainwreck (in no particular order)

-Call their little white jacket sassy (One of my bosses did this and he wears bow ties so you know it's legit.)

-Live Tweet something. I did that for the debate. Never felt better. Should I be worried about that because I only have 6 followers?

-Eat Food. Make it anything that is a carb or a sweet. Nothing fills a void like something delicious and fattening.

-Have a TV marathon with friend(s). The show should be something of a fandom that you can then sit there and discuss for hours after the fact and argue over it. (Ex: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Joss Whedon anything)

-Drink!... Gin!... Tequila!... Wine!... Rum! Anything....No, I am not a drunk. I am a lush. It's soo different. It means I don't drink every day. I am not my mother.

-Watch Youtube videos of your favorite shows. Then you just get the best bits, and then you can create playlists of all the ones you liked; so they are easy to find next time. Then you can find ones that cross over your favorite shows with your other favorite shows and make a playlist with those. Then it's like all your shows are in one universe, and they all know each other. Dean could date Buffy. Claudia could be best friends with 10. Then even you can be wait they still remain fictional. Damn so close. Sorry, tangent there. Fangirl moment.

-Watch Miranda, the British TV show. Seriously! No, seriously. C'mon it's only 12 episodes. You are not that busy. Who needs sleep? Oh you weren't arguing with me. Sorry

-Tell others your #trainwreck stories. Trust me even them laughing at you feels pretty good.

-Surround yourself with other #trainwrecks. Misery always loves company and so does insanity.

-Go on tumblr and follow popcultrainbrain. It has all the latest news on your closest friends and by friends I mean fictional characters.

-Read fan fiction. Even if your favorite shows, books, or movies end, your friends still live in really weird stuff made up by people with poor grammar and very advanced sexual imagination.

-Create a blog. In hopes to find others like you. I'm not doing this for more friends...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello and welcome to aaand I'm a Trainwreck also known as my life is a trainwreck and being in my 20s is confusing.

Since you're on the internet and found this, I am guessing you are in a similar place as my friend(s) and I are. You're in your 20s, not doing what you wanted, life is not exactly how you expected it to be at this age, and bored. Am I right? I think I am right. Moving on.

Here is my idea. I am going to use this to express my "I am a trainwreck" feelings. At least then when my parents come home, it looks like I am doing something productive. I am typing a lot. I look contemplative. All good things to actual adults. (sorta) Then they won't bug me to go grocery shopping or do laundry. Also, it allows me to express my feelings and share things with the world. Apparently that is healthy or something. I don't know. I am hopefully not the only one who will contribute to this blog. I hope to have friends (haha friends...friend) contribute as well.

Happy blogging! Lets begin!