Friday, October 19, 2012

LIttle Things to Cheer Up a #Trainwreck

Little Things That Cheer Up a #Trainwreck (in no particular order)

-Call their little white jacket sassy (One of my bosses did this and he wears bow ties so you know it's legit.)

-Live Tweet something. I did that for the debate. Never felt better. Should I be worried about that because I only have 6 followers?

-Eat Food. Make it anything that is a carb or a sweet. Nothing fills a void like something delicious and fattening.

-Have a TV marathon with friend(s). The show should be something of a fandom that you can then sit there and discuss for hours after the fact and argue over it. (Ex: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Joss Whedon anything)

-Drink!... Gin!... Tequila!... Wine!... Rum! Anything....No, I am not a drunk. I am a lush. It's soo different. It means I don't drink every day. I am not my mother.

-Watch Youtube videos of your favorite shows. Then you just get the best bits, and then you can create playlists of all the ones you liked; so they are easy to find next time. Then you can find ones that cross over your favorite shows with your other favorite shows and make a playlist with those. Then it's like all your shows are in one universe, and they all know each other. Dean could date Buffy. Claudia could be best friends with 10. Then even you can be wait they still remain fictional. Damn so close. Sorry, tangent there. Fangirl moment.

-Watch Miranda, the British TV show. Seriously! No, seriously. C'mon it's only 12 episodes. You are not that busy. Who needs sleep? Oh you weren't arguing with me. Sorry

-Tell others your #trainwreck stories. Trust me even them laughing at you feels pretty good.

-Surround yourself with other #trainwrecks. Misery always loves company and so does insanity.

-Go on tumblr and follow popcultrainbrain. It has all the latest news on your closest friends and by friends I mean fictional characters.

-Read fan fiction. Even if your favorite shows, books, or movies end, your friends still live in really weird stuff made up by people with poor grammar and very advanced sexual imagination.

-Create a blog. In hopes to find others like you. I'm not doing this for more friends...