Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Designated Rememberer

So, everyone knows there are rules when you go out for a night on the town. Yes, I said, "Night out on the town." I am 60 years old in my head. I have even asked my mother, "When do kids go out these days." (I'm only a little pathetic.) Back on topic. Some of those rules are:

"If we came together, we leave together." (Mostly a girls only rule.)

"Always have a Designated Driver"

"Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear."

"No tequila, if Dan is single" (That might be just us, but if you have a friend named Dan, it's a good rule.)

and so on.

However, we have decided that there should be a new rule...actually Nora's Dad decided. See last week were piecing together our night. One of our friends had no idea what happened. I had some recollection and Nora had most of it. Each of us had different pieces, but in the end, we had it all.  It took us a while to get the story out to her Dad.  This is when he suggested that everyone needs a "Designated Remember" and we thought this was awesome.

What exactly is a "Designated Remember?" (DR). Well, everyone has had those nights where they remember little to nothing when drinking. This is when you hope that the next day one of your friends can shed some light on the idiotic things you did the night before like; try and make out with half the bar, or how you knocked over everything that you touched and are no longer welcome back to that bar. But every once and a while, you end up with a friend in the same or almost the same position as you. They also remember very little of the night before.  Then what do you do? This is when you should have assigned a "Designated Remember." They can be the ones to fill you in. Now, I know what your thinking. Can't this just be the DD's job? Yes, it can, but what if you live in the city and there is no need for a DD because of public transit and taxis? This is when you need a DR.

Rules of being the DR

1. Drink only enough to stay below Black/Brown Out levels. (So you can still get pretty drunk)

2. Somewhat pay attention to what your idiot friends are doing.

3. Know what the person they were hooking up with looked like.  

4. Let them know what they have to apologize for tomorrow.

5. Let them know anything that they might want a heads up on tomorrow like: "You kissed your married co-worker. Work might be awkward, Monday."

6. Let them know where they are allowed and not allowed to go anymore because of their behavior

7. Do not stop them. That is not your job. They can do what they please, no matter how dumb. You just need to tell them about it.

Benefits of a having DR

1. No surprises like: "Why did so-and-so from work smack me this morning?"

2. Knowing the people who still like you and those who now hate you for your actions

3.Knowing where you are allowed to still go and not go

4. Knowing how good/bad looking that girl and/or guy was from last night and have the ability to avoid those people if you run into them again.

Benefits of Being the DR

1. Having things to hold over your friends forever.

2. Having leverage in every fight because they did that one thing that one time.

3. Endless things to mock them for

4. Cheaper bar tab

5. You do not have to be sober like a DD.

We felt like we should share this post because this is something that can be helpful to every group of friends; especially if you are the drunken idiot who is always doing stupid things, then getting to work on Monday and then having thaving things in your HR file that just confuse you. This is something that can simplify your life and makes things a bit less stressful for everyone.

So please, next time you go out, assign a "Designated Rememberer," and drink responsibly if you are the DR. Everyone else, do whatever, someone will remember for you.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Nerdgasm #14: Nerdy Lego Creations

Just some pretty awesome Lego creations that the Facebook group "Nerds do it better" were posting. I liked them and so I thought I'd share them with you. If you're on Facebook, go here and like them.

Come on, who doesn't want the Lego Bowser.

Photo: o_o - NBA


Photo: Alrighty, I'll be gone for a bit, but I found someone to look over everything while I'm gone. I'll be gone for an hour. Make sure not to annoy him... or throw his ring into Mount Doom. - NBA

^Barad Dur

Photo: Continuing with the lego. - NBA
^My favorite, Bowser

^My co-writer's favorite, Futurama

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Help Wanted: Inquire within Post

The #Trainrwrecks are in a bit of a dilemma. It would appear as though all of our guy friends are leaving us. No, it's not because they don't like us anymore. Rude. It is because they are off being adults and having jobs and what not. Whatever. Fine leave us for Canada ( I know, right? P.S. we love Canada but the joke was there.) and parts unknown (Army Boy). We don't care. (Yes, we do. Come back. No, bad #trainwrecks! We don't need you anyway. Yes, 'we don't need you' is definitely the part to focus on) Sorry.

So obviously our guy friends are gone and we need new ones. Yes, new ones and that gives great opportunities to you, our dear readers. (Mom, do not reply). We are not looking for anything relationship-y or casual. We want serious PLATONIC inquiries only. I know putting this on the internet is only going to lead to creepy and god knows what things. But life is about taking chances and we choose to use our chance on this. (Bad idea? Probably)

So first the qualifications (or the musts):

Must be willing to listen to our rants and ramblings and offer more than a smile and a nod. I know that's how you respond to crazy people and it's just not going to work on us. (And that should be easy since you already read our ramblings. Just saying)

Must be a tactile person. We might enjoy a drunken cuddle every so often, or a sober cuddle. Really, we're tired of putting on tight t-shirts just to have a cuddle (Jon Richardson, anyone? You'll learn.) and we'd like to interact with real people.

Must not be gluten free. (No, we're just kidding. But if we weren', really just kidding.)

Must not be planning on leaving the city for a very very very long time....I guess vacations are okay but you really should take us with you or they should be short. :)

The shoulds:

Should be nerdy, but really just to get some of our references. (We're not funny unless you get them) We can be accommodating too. We also like to learn new things...mostly. That's why it isn't a must.

Should enjoy comedy. But we are happy to introduce you to the joys of comedy. But seriously, who doesn't just like to laugh. One of those joys of comedy might just have to be the Potential Boyfriend Show at Studio Be in Chicago at 8pm on Tuesday nights. They are also welcome to apply. They should really be called our "Potential New Best Friends". Kidding! (Mostly!)

The 'it would be great if's':

It would be great if you ate more than five things. A certain #trainwreck only eats about that many different things, and as I like to bake and cook many more things than those five, I'd love if you were willing to eat anything I put in front of you. (Bacon cookies. Those are yummy)

It would be great if you were good at Mario Kart because we like to host tournaments (...that's what gathering a few friends and playing Drunk Driving is right??) and would love it if you could participate.

The Benefits (this is not just for us you know)
You get to hang out with two awesomely nerdy girls who actually like to watch you/play video games

You also get a cuddle buddy

You will be introduced to our wonderful world of British Comedy and other Chicago Comedy scene things. All that is wonderful

Nora bakes, so you will be paid in awesome sweets and pastries. And that alone should be enough to apply for this job.

Again only serious inquiries please.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Employment Oppurtunity for Richard Ayoade

"You see why I have Richard on my team? Because he ends punchlines with "naval policy" -Noel Fielding via Big Fat Quiz 2010
Richards response to this quote (started typing 'quote' and accidentally wrote 'quest'...wonder what that says about me? We'll discuss that later.) Richard's Response: "Welcome to the Niche Corner."

Really those lines should be enough to prove my point: Richard Ayoade should follow me around and handle all my interactions with people, mainly arguments. That my friends is what this post is all about. I need someone to handle my arguments and that someone must be Richard Ayoade. Don't get me wrong, I am quite witty (and modest) but sometimes in a crunch, I have nothing and the nonsense that Richard can come up with would save me every time.

Here are some examples of some of his best lines:
NVM: "So basically what you're asking me to do is not have my face."
           "Lady Gaga 'Bad Romance.' Or Bard Romance, a song about Shakespeare."
           "Let's not stoop to jokes."
           "I need 5 minutes to shower my mind."
BFQ 00s: "Can you legally make yourself a cake."
BFQ: "I'm a nerd leave me be."
          "Why don't we call ourselves the specky nerdy fucknuts and be done with it."
BFQ '12:  “That it is a cake, is their first line of inquiry. 'Is it a cake?' They ask. 'Cause if it’s not, get out!' Can it be held? Cause if it can’t…I can’t eat it. I need to be able to hold this cake. And the last one is just integrity Do you have integrity?
                "He said, "I betrayed everyone I care about." -Response to what  Felix Baumgartner's last words before falling to earth.
                "That they sanctify the water, and he's agnostic. It's not like he's completely uncomfortable with it, but he just doesn't want it forced on him." -Response to what did Michael Phelps admitted to about the olympic swimming pools.
8O10C: "I find the best way is to lie to yourself about who you are, and what you've done, and where you're going." Response to how to boost your self-esteem

Dear Richard,

Seriously, how amazing would it be if you were at home and your mother or whichever parent annoys you the most starts yelling at you about cleaning your room or going to bed and he appears? You're 22 years old. Obviously, you can take care of yourself. But no matter what you say to your parent, it's always like talking to a brick wall. But then suddenly Richard appears like a super hero (maybe even in a cape. That would be cool. He wouldn't wear a cape. It's going to be hard enough to get him to hide at wherever I am and then suddenly appear when needed. Nevermind, no cape. I'll let him choose his own work attire.)

So he appears and begins responding to your whichever parent's words with utter craziness like "I don't think she should clean her room. Learning how to throw live wasps is a much better use of her time." or "No, she can't go to bed. The nightmares about goat's in trees will consume her." and so on. What can anyone say to those things? They are just crazy but amazing! I am not saying that I can't come up with insane things but I can't on the spot. I am just not great under pressure. But I could have Richard there and he could save me every time.

He can always keep a straight. Which is something that will also help win every argument. He says these crazy things, and then just acts as if he just offered a piece of toast. Look at this face here:


That is the face he makes every time. How could you not believe that face? He is dead serious right there. He could have just said everyone on polling day was bitten by a horse (Big Fat Quiz), but he stares you down with seriousness and then you feel you have to just go with it. You know he will not back down.

Keeping a straight face is also something I just lose at every time. I try so hard, but I cannot help but laugh every time. I have to say the line over and over before I find it not funny anymore. (What? I just love to laugh) That is not helpful in real life situations though. In real life, everything is a reaction, and you never know what might come out of your mouth. Most likely, it is the first time you say to a guy handing you a gym membership deal, "Oh you think I am active." If you say that all the time, you live in a very odd place. After I say odd things like that, I do one of two things; one: cringe and apologize or two: giggle and apologize. Richard though would appear again, say his most mastered nonsense, and then just stare at them like they are the crazy ones. No one would ever question him. They would just leave me alone and move on with their day.

He would win every argument with those two things. You can't argue with crazy because logic no longer exists. He knows this and uses his skills masterfully. So Richard if you would like this job, let me know. The only benefits are getting to hang out with me and my friend(s) and speaking in only odd statements.

However, if you do not wish for this position also let me know. I will need to write Misha Collins. He is next on my list for this job.



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Monday, January 21, 2013

Nerdgasm #13: Wish I Had This as a Kid

         Pop-Up Tardis Tent                                            47" Tall Inflatable Dalek

So now that these exist, I think we lost out in our childhood. So not cool. Just imagine playing in your Pop-Up Tardis with an inflatable Dalek as big as you. The amount of adventures we all could have had. Really though, nothing is stopping us now. These are on So if you are also a giant child, there is no reason not to get these...besides lack of monetary funds...we can dream though!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have the Palette of a Drunk 5 year Old

So we are almost at 3000 views and 50 posts. We are just trucking along, aren't we? Well since we have gone this far and you have stayed with us, we thought we would dedicate this week to you guys getting to know us! I know, such fun! (Miranda-ism.  I am a little obsessed, thank you.)

You guys have been reading our love letters and our opinions on things for weeks, but we feel you are barely scratching the surface of getting to know us. We would love to know you as well by the way. Do not fear the comment section. We get quite excited when we get one. So yes, back on track, we decided that each post this week we would reveal something new, you may not know about us, and what regular posts may not reveal. (Oh the only regular reader is my mom? Yes, she already knows too much about me. Oh well, maybe by revealing something new, we can get more readers! Optimism or denial? I am not sure.)

Let's continue. So this post is my (Katie's) reveal. I would like to talk to you about how I have the palette of a drunk 5 year old. Don't worry I plan to explain. This is my way of explaining my picky eating habits. I truly abhor that I am a picky eater. I always hoped when I got older, I would grow out of it and be going out with friends to that new Thai restaurant and being excited about it rather than anxious, because if there is not something with chicken, where I can mainly just pick out the chicken and ignore all the other bits, I am totally screwed. (That is a long sentence...sorry) If there is nothing, that is when I usually lie and say, I already ate and then sit there staring wishing I had some french fries.

So onto explaining the drunk 5 year old. Well, everyone knows about acquired tastes. Some foods are known for the need to have them many times before you develop a taste for them. These things include coffee, wine and the like. Now, I feel all my tastes are acquired. About 5 years ago, you could not get me to eat a red meat. Red meat mainly disgusted me. BBQs were always troublesome, where as a child I would just eat hamburger and hotdog buns and nothing else. However, slowly over time I would try steak and other things from my family and friends plates. It smelled good and most of the time wasn't bad. And over the years, I liked it more and more. Now I love steak, burgers, and anything with red meat that is not too covered in sauce. I hate extras on food. Too much flavor for me. Blech. So as I thought about that, I decided all my tastes must be acquired. I need years to finally like any new food. I have obviously acquired all the food tastes you get as a child. Those were forced by my parents making me eat them. So, I love pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, and some healthy things like apples, carrots and grapes.

Tangent/Story Time:
I was at work on day and had miraculously brought my lunch in rather than buy a slice of pizza or chicken fingers from the deli downstairs. I had a peanut-butter sandwich (because Jelly is gross. Yes, I said it.) grapes, wheat thins, and a pop (That is Midwest for Soda, if you weren't aware. Also known as the proper term) My boss walks by and sees my, what i think is a fairly balanced meal,  stares at it, and then laughs. I sit there confused. Then she says, "You know I just sent my 3rd old to school with the same lunch. Except I cut the grapes in half in so she doesn't choke. I could do that for you." Don't read that as rude, she was quite nice about it and I laughed. I was known in the office as a poor eater. However, it was still a little bit of a sad moment. I thought, woohoo, that morning. I am being an adult. I made my lunch. I have a little bit of everything. I am growing up. Nope, I am being as much of an adult as a 3yr old is. I get to be 5yrs old though because I made it myself. Great. In that same office, I have been told about how I am going to die due to the fact that I never went more than 3 days without a basket of chicken fingers for lunch. Many wonder why I am not 300lbs. I wonder too to be honest. It was all out of concern and sheer confusion for how I survive and will survive in the future.

End of tangent/story time. All my foods are those foods kids never escape. So once I could make my own food decisions, these were what I had and I did not like any new venture at first. So I stopped forcing new food altogether. So here I am at 22 and only eating pizza and fries.

Now your still wondering why the palette is a drunk 5yr old. Well, that is quite easy to explain. You have the 5yr old part already. So when you enter you late teens and early twenties, drinking is an obvious activity to take part in. At first, I was as sad as could be, and only drank Mike's Hard Lemonade (I know appalling, isn't it) because it tasted like juice and not alcohol. Obviously it tasted that way because there is more sugar than alcohol in it; and that was also why drinking never seemed appealing at first. I never got drunk, I just got a headache from the obscene amount of sugar I would drink in a night. So I knew this needed to change. So I took a tiny step and that was this delicious cocktail of orange juice and whipped cream vodka. I know it seems odd but it tastes like a dreamsicle and is delicious. I still drink those. However, now I can longer taste vodka because I have had them too many times. So that can lead to some trainwreck nights.

However, that drink did not solve my problems for long. House parties and byob events were fine, but bars were a problem. So when I turned 21, I had no idea what to order. So I decided I was not going to one of those girly girls who only drank daiquiris and fruity cocktails. I can't take those girls seriously, so that will not be me. So I forced myself to drink beer. At first, this was very difficult. I had to do that force-my-face-not-to-grimace-from-the-taste-and-remain-neutral-thing. It never works you just end up looking a combination of both, and then no one knows what the hell you're doing. They tend to ask if you are okay. However, over time I began to like beer. I can now drink almost anything you put in front of me and be fine. I even get complimented for being a girl who likes beer. But don't ask what a good beer is. I can't do that. I have no sense for what a good taste is. I just know I can drink this without making a face and that is a triumph.

There was still one thing I was missing though from being a true drunk 5yr old. You cannot include drunk if all you have is hard liquor mixed drinks and beer. That does not a drunk make. You obviously need shots. This was the scariest part of the drinking process. I wanted to be cool and the kinda girl that can handle whiskey (I am not, still). So when it came to that part, I always lied at first. Oh no, I can't do shots. They cause an instant bad reaction. It was enough to get people to leave me alone. However, when the bars came in, that was harder. People would just buy rounds of shots for everyone.

My first shot was a shot of whiskey bought by a friend. His words were, " I paid for that you have to drink it." I should have replied, "Yeah you paid, you drink it." But I cannot be rude like that. He was doing something nice. So I had no chaser, a shot of pure alcohol in front of me, and was in a public place. I knew I would hate the taste and feared spitting it all over the table or throwing up or god knows. But I couldn't be rude. So picked it up, cheers-ed, and downed it. I got it down (impressed myself there) and my mouth was burning. I needed a chaser. This taste could not stay. Something bad would happen. So in front of me was an empty beer bucket full of ice. So I, as the classy being I am, shoved my hand in the ice bucked, pulled the ice out, and stuck it in my mouth. It looked very lady-like. It fixed the issue though. So I am 1 for 1.

Since I did survive the shot though, I knew I could do it. So again over-time, I was able to take a shot as long as I had my drink somewhere near by. It is still that way. I cannot deal with just straight alcohol, but I can handle myself in a bar.

So because of all of this, I can no longer taste whipped cream vodka, vodka in anything, or, a new discovery, tequila in sour mix. I can drink anywhere and I do. I am still working on the wine part of this though. I can handle sweet wines. Once I can drink a Pinot Grigio with no issues, I will be a complete drunk 5yr old.

So there you are. I am a drunk 5yr old. I forced myself to like alcohol to handle adulthood and then have had enough time to like the same foods as a 5yr old. That is my fun fact and some stories to make you probably have less respect for me. Oh well at least I am being honest. How often does that happen?

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Nerdgasm #12: Clique Parody and We're at 3000 views!!

So we found this video amongst our Youtube Stars.  Basically, he knows what it's like to be one of us with this parody. Enjoy!

Kanye West -Clique Parody by Simply Spoons

Please make sure to check out his other videos at his Youtube channel Here: Simply Spoons and follow him on twitter here: CoolStoryJon He really has some amazing covers with people like Julia Sheer and pretends to be Harry Styles. Trust me, you'll like his stuff.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

My Open Love Letter to Starkid

Dear Starkid,

I am not writing to ask for a job, nor am I writing to explain why we should be best friends (although side note, we would be awesome friends). I am simply writing this to shower you with my fan-love.

See the first time I had seen anything you guys had done was during my Sophomore year in college when a friend (and my co-writer on this blog) and I decided to watch A Very Potter Musical to see what our friends had been talking about/we had always meant to but hadn't gotten around to it yet. 

We were both hooked.

I can't speak for her (although it does happen to be one of my favorite things to do) but there were a few things that really got to me. One was Harry taking down the dragon by singing to it, that song is just so adorable and a little heartbreaking at the same time "The truth is in the end, I'm pretty useless without friends" seriously tears at my heart-strings every time I hear it. It also doesn't hurt that my best guy-friend is they guy who brings his guitar to parties and sings songs to people and Harry reminded me so much of him at the time.

I don't want you to think that "Hey Dragon" is the only song that I love. I would go so far as to say that "Not Alone" is the best song about friendship that I've ever heard. But I equally love "Voldemort is Going Down" and "No Way" so that may not be fair. I'm not even bringing the "Holiday Club" into the discussion because it's technically not a Starkid song. I will say though, that "Holiday Club" has been passed on to all of my closest friends because I feel like it's a song that we should all know together.

You're shows are well written and have catchy music. Not to mention that they are hilarious. I was in a break between classes when Holy Musical Batman came out but had to stop watching it because I was laughing so hard that it looked like I was distracting my fellow students.

That might also just be a personal problem. I'd tell you that I was working on it, but that would be a lie. I have no intention of doing that. Somehow I feel like you understand that.

I guess I'm just writing this to tell you exactly how much these shows mean to me. It goes even deeper than that for me actually. See I am very, very into theatre tech and during my first year of college a few other tech-inclined students and I started a student run theatre tech group. There were four of us at first but it quickly grew and even though I left after two years, I did get to watch my friends do amazing things with that group.  It was about that time (as I mentioned earlier) that my co-writer (who was President of that club for almost the entire time she was as school) and I found  A Very Potter Musical and so to watch all of you become so crazy popular just by doing a thing that you loved and sticking with it really got to me. Not to mention that I could draw parallels to my own life. Both Starkid and the Techie's Union founders were just college kids wanting to do a thing that they loved. It just felt so similar to the journey that we were on that I couldn't not fall in love with Starkid as a whole.

It really didn't hurt that you were making witty, clever and catchy musicals either...and that you actually liked each other

I think I'm done, I just had to write to say thanks.

Also, we (the trainwrecks) were ecstatic when you moved your home base to Chicago because that just so happens to be the place where we live as well. I truly cannot wait to see what you have next for us fans. (And Airport for Birds is so soon! We can't wait to see it.)

Okay, I'm actually done.
With love, The #Trainwrecks

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Actually Have to be an Adult Now...What is This?

So it has finally come to and end. There is no more kidding about being a child or ignoring adulthood because I live at home and have no expenses. I have to be an adult now. Why you may ask? Graduating college was not enough? Oh no, it all begins now.  I just started my first job where there is no ending in sight.

Yes, I have had big girl jobs since I was 16. I worked in offices as receptionists, interns, marketing assistants and things like that. I did work retail and others too, but just making a point that this is not my first time in the "office" world. I have been in this thrilling world for a while now. Thanks to connections. (My Mom)

However, this time it is different. There is one major difference between those office jobs and this one. No, it's not the pay (not really). It is not more professional. I am not viewed any differently. The only major difference (besides not being called intern even though I'm doing the same things.) is that there is no end date for this job and that is a first. Every job I have ever worked has had an end date. A time to look forward to when things would change, and all the bad things of this job would be left behind. Don't get me wrong, not all of the jobs were bad (mostly it was the getting up early part which this job does not have. 1-5pm! Woot!) But every one of those jobs was either a Summer Internship, when the cooler months of September hit, I was off on some new adventure rather than stuck in that routine; or it was a school job. Once the semester ended, I could look forward to some relaxing time without worry of homework or being somewhere on time other than my friends house. Now that luxury is gone. Now, all I can see in front of me is what is in front of me now. This desktop, at this desk, with these people, in this building. I will be here for an unknowable amount time and frankly that is terrifying. I have no plan besides this. I have nothing else going on but this (and this wonderful blog).

I am not sure exactly why I wanted to write about this. But it is a really weird concept for someone my age. This could be something that never ends. That has never happened before. Everything in my life ends and ends fairly quickly. First each quarter of high school is different. Then each semester of college is different; with different teachers, classes, shows (Theatre Geek. What can I say?) Then each year is different because of similar things like classes, but then you also gain new people with the old students leaving, and the new ones taking their place. Then to add even more to that, High School ended in 4 years and so did college. What we deemed a lifetime is such a small amount of time. When you were younger and watched all those teen shows about high school. It seems like that part of life never ends but in reality, it's only 4 years. That is such a small fraction and yet that felt like such a long time. High School felt like it never ended (Well, for me at least). But we all could not wait for the day we graduated from either college or high school. We crossed off days, finished projects, all to get here. We had to keep moving and keep changing. Always thinking the next semester will be better. The last year of college holds something we have never seen. That was life. It was ever expecting the next thing would be better.

Now though, who knows? I can't base my happiness on getting through this period of time, hoping the next will be better. There is no set time. There is no end until I make it so. I don't know how I feel about having this power. "With great power comes great responsibility" (Yay! Spider-man. Yes, I am talking about becoming an adult and using comic books to help me. You know I am not ready for this.)

There really is no way to end ramblings so I am just going to say thanks for reading this insanity and I hope it may have helped you feel a bit better about not knowing what the fuck to do next with your life.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Nerdgasm #11: Be A Man- Who Style

Be A Man from Mulan for Doctor Who
Get inside the TARDIS
See the stars beyond
Visit alien planets
Never hold a gun

Trust the Sonic in the Doctor’s hand
‘Cause when you land, there’s danger too
And an awful lot of running to do

You have to count the shadows
In the library
If you have more than one, though
There’s no way to flee

Life was so mundane before he came
Won’t be the same when you are through
There’s still awful lots of running to do

Regeneration stops my death
But it puts a new face on me
I can only hope they’ll trust me when I change
All the leaking energy in my breath
Leads the pilot-fish right to me
Fighting Sycorax in a bathrobe’s not so strange

You must be swift as a Weeping Angel
With all the strength of the great Judoon
and all the force of a raging Dalek
Mysterious as the dark side of an Ood

Time keeps getting weirder
As the TARDIS flies
Cracks in space and time there
Make you never alive

But when Rory dies, he is revived
As a Roman through and through
He’s got awful lots of running to do

You must be swift as a Weeping Angel
With all the strength of the great Judoon
And all the force of a raging Dalek
Mysterious as the dark side of an Ood

You must be swift as a Weeping Angel
With all the strength of the great Judoon
And all the force of a raging Dalek
Mysterious as the dark side of an Ood

 How awesome is this? It combines disney and Doctor Who! I found this via tumblr here: Just-Gotta-Get-Back-Up so thank them and follow them.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In Which the #Trainwrecks Make Resolutions

Or, our Dreams for 2013....we couldn't make up our minds.

1. Become more decisive.

2. Leave our individual houses more, and not just to go to the other's house. That's cheating.

3. Broaden our social talking points. Not everyone needs to hear every Doctor Who companion recited to them in least not in the first five minutes of meeting them at least.

4. Learn how to go to a bar. Things like "And then you send trolls to kick me while I'm down." shockingly do not go over well when shouted in a bar and no one remembers the historical reference from the WB show Charmed.

5. Tact. It'll probably come as a surprise to some (okay fine, none) of you that we don't seem to have much of this. It's just that those who don't know that the columns of the Ancient Greeks are not actually straight, but slightly bulge in the middle to appear as though they are straight while the columns of the Parthenon appear straight because they are (Thanks QI/Stephen Fry/Johnny Vegas) are morons and really just need to be told so. But that was the 2012 #trainwrecks, these new and more tactful #trainwrecks of 2013 will just pull a person aside and say that instead of screaming it in a bar.

6. Start an internet campaign to bring back the 'cancelled too soon' TNT drama formerly known as Leverage.  It did nothing to deserve being cancelled and there are many things I would like resolved as pointed out in my letter to the cast and crew last week.  I know that if we all band together we can bring this show back.

7. Drive to Texas during the off-shooting season to seduce and later marry Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane.

8. We should also probably work on crushing on men who are closer in age to us.

9. And not men that we may know more things about the fictional characters they've played on TV than things that are actually about them.

10. Oh just forget it, who needs resolutions anyways, we'll just work on keeping ourselves perfect.

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