Friday, November 16, 2012

The Blog Turns One Month Old Today

N: Good timing for a thank you post?
K: I think so! So I guess we should do that then.

Welcome to our writing process.

That's definitely, actually, just about how it happened. I know, I don't know why anyone reads this either. (oops, there's Katie in the background "Because we're HILARIOUS. Obviously." Way to be humble Katie.)

Now that all most some of the crazy has been let out, to the real stuff.

You guys are freaking awesome. Our blog just turned one (month) old today, and we have had 1200+ views. In four weeks. Seriously, awesome sauce (yes, I just said that). For a blog that may or may not have started as a joke between the two of us, you have no idea how much all of you reading this means to us.  We've

HIJACKED! Nora has left to get our delicious bread-sticks out of the oven. Now that this blog has a following, it is time to discuss the real reason we started this. It is for my (Katie's) plan of world domination. I will need help though. As you know, Rome was not built in a day. Oh god, she's coming back. We will discuss later. *Acting Nonchalant*

And stolen back. This is a blog so I understand perfectly well that you can't see us, but I just rolled my eyes at her.

Welcome to our friendship.

Where was I...oh right, in the middle of a sentence. We've been read by countries I've never even heard of (Oman, right?), countries that I totally wish I WAS from (the UK for a certain co-writer and Spain for me. Hablas espanol? I do.), gained like a million (ish) new tumblr and twitter followers. Okay, Katie is sitting next to me and just interrupted my internal monologue with "A million, really? More like 20." I responded with "That's what the ISH is for." Co-writers, so annoying. Katie just sent an evil glare at me, awkward.

We've even been RE-TWEETED by some, okay one, of our favorite subjects. A Justin Robinett for those of you still reading this. We've also expanded our youtube-music worldviews. Stay tuned.

All in all, it has been a super mega foxy awesome hot (Starkid anyone? No?? We'll get there.) month. And we could not have done it without your support. Like seriously, we've had a blog post. Went real well. You've had us for a month and we're not bored yet! Yay!

You're awesome.  I talk too much. Katie's looking at me bored. So we're done. Keep reading, we'll keep posting. We love you.

oh and one last thing THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously, we love you.

In case you are not yet following us on the Twitter and the Tumblr, feel free to @andimatrainwrec or @npalmerco08 (or both, your choice) on the Twitter and aaanndimatrainwreck (official) or stillnuttypony or kahildreth on the Tumblr. That'd be super awesome.