Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trainwrecks and Nora's Infinite Playlist

I do not know who Chris Brown is. I cannot pick him out of a line-up nor name even one song he currently has on the radio. I also cannot recognize Justin Beiber songs and sometimes I'm convinced that Nikki Minaj and Jesse J are the same person.  I haven't listened to the Top 40 radio stations since Chamillionaire was popular. Do you remember Chamillionaire? I do, and if we're ever in a situation where someone needs to know the lyrics to Ridin' Dirty, I got this. Sorry- got distracted.

Now where was I, right. Music. I want to make something clear, I love music. My iPod is the soundtrack to my life (when I'm not listening to the Nerdist Podcast of course), music gets me through my morning ritual where I either try on 8 things before I commit or throw on the first three things I see, it gets me through my 45 minute commute three times a week and on my night to cook it helps me navigate through my kitchen. I've also got a great respect for people who can get up in front of a million (or hell, fifteen) people and sing out their deepest feelings. And I grew up listening to those Top 40 stations, but really in the last four years, unless it's on the country station, I've got nothing. My true music peak was between '98 and '05 and then that stuff entertained me until I went to college, where I picked up more musical soundtracks as well as hits from the '80s and '90s.

Thinking about it now, a normal person would probably be terrified at the look of my iPod as it's all 90's pop, early noughties rap and 80's classics...with a lot of musical theatre thrown in. Luckily for me, there's no normal people here, just us #trainwrecks.

My point here (in case it wasn't glaringly obvious) is that I know next to nothing about popular music today. But in these last four months, I've found something new to help me learn. I've discovered, with the help of my friend/co-writer on this very blog, a hidden (okay, hidden to me) world of young people, 18-25ish, who are recording covers of popular songs and uploading them onto YouTube.

I know what you're thinking "Why do I care? They probably just sound like the overproduced originals." You'd be wrong. 

Many of the covers are done acoustically, and can change the way you look at a song (I'm looking at you, Starships by Madilyn Bailey and E.T. by Tyler Ward). They also mash songs together by the same artist (Adele Medley by Justin Robinett, Michael Henry and Alex Goot, the video that actually started this entire new obsession for us) & the artists are all friends! Good for the fans because that means we get to hear awesome collaborations (One More Night by Alex Goot and Friends). 

These videos are mostly well produced and cover all genres. So if you don't like Top 40 stuff (although, seriously, you should try them because they're awesome) but country's more your thing, Justin Robinett and Michael Henry's version of If I Die Young gives me chills every time.  I'm also newly in love with Corey Gray's cover of (Kissed You) Good Night. Seriously awesome. And we cannot forget Somewhere With You by Tyler Ward. If you happen to love acapella as much as I do (which would be a lot so, I'll just challenge you to do so. ), try I Won't Give Up by Peter Hollens. So many chills were had by this song, and he does this all by himself! Oh how I wish I had the skills.

Okay, so you're on Youtube and you're out of Chad Sugg covers to listen to. What are you to do (besides listen to Begin Again until you know it by heart and then some)? Why not try some of his originals? This one mentions Harry Potter! 

 One of my favorite things about these artists is that the majority are giant nerds who just want to share these things that they love with the world. Sound like anyone we know? Also: go watch Alex Goot, Chad Sugg and Dave Days sing Call Me Maybe you won't be disappointed, promise.

I'm assuming you're all anxious to go listen to all of these covers that I've linked you to, so I'll wrap it up. Since becoming exposed to these videos I've definitely come to realize that not all of today's pop music sucks and the songs that might not be to my favor can still be songs that I enjoy...they just have to be sung by different people.

If all else fails, at least you can maybe start to recognize the originals on the radio. Maybe you'll even sing along and pretend you don't only know the song because you heard Madilyn Bailey cover it (Wild Ones, look it up).  Or, maybe you'll own up to it and turn your friends onto the wonder that is the YouTube artists. Whatever, it's all up to you. But whatever you do, you'll always have us #trainwrecks to come talk to (or read about).

Okay, I've taken forever to wrap it up, I know.  I lied! (Amy Poheler anyone? Really? No one? It happens) But I couldn't write a post about my favorite Youtube artists without mentioning that I'm going to see them in person. Alex Goot and some of his very best friends are currently on tour and later this month my fellow #trainwreck Katie and I are going to see them. Cue fangirl scream.

        And yes, I'm well aware that I could in fact have written this post with out mentioning that but it just didn't feel right. You understand me though, right?

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