Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Women Of Comedy

Okay, I will be the first to say, I am not a feminist nut. Seriously a well placed "get back in the kitchen" is hilarious to me. Granted if you say that to me, your house may burn to the ground. (Just a warning. Ask me about the Toaster Waffles sometime.) To many, these type of jokes seem to weaken society, but to me, it's empowering. We have literally taken that phrase and made it our own to make others laugh.

Also, I am usually not the biggest fans of female comedians. No, this is not me saying that only old weird looking white dudes are funny. Granted they are hysterical. But so many women tend to fall into the trap of either, trying to ignore that they are woman and only making the vulgerist of jokes to prove they can keep up with men, or making every joke about how they have cramps and how men are retarded. There are obviously places for those jokes, but it should not be everything. That is why in this post,  I would like to show my appreciation for my three favorite female comedians. (In no particular order.) These women know what's up.

1. Amy Poehler- Let's just start with how amazning Parks and Rec. is. It is one of the best comedies on television in my opinion. Let's hope NBC doesn't do something dumb and take it off the air. She built such great and diverse characters in this crazy little town. It makes you almost believe local politics can work. If you have not seen it, please go on netflix and watch. (See I said please. I am being nice today.) If you don't have netflix, go on hulu. If you don't have either, I am not sure why you are reading this, and I would like to ask how you survive like a #trainwreck without at least one. At least one that is borrowed (stolen) from a friend. Sorry tangent. I do that a lot. Bare with! (Miranda anyone? We will get there).

Okay back to Miss Poehler. Now we all remember her on SNL as well. She played characters like Hilary Clinton and hosted Weekend Update. She even rapped better then some actual rap artists. Then even her small appearances like presenting an Emmy, she makes an impression. I can't say "I lied!" without thinking of her. She has done so much for women in comedy.

Then not only is she an amazing Comedian, but her message is fantastic, especially in Parks and Rec. She is able to empower women though her comedy. You see this obviously kooky and over-invested person and think she is crazy. However, if she just says she is going to be President, suddenly you're like, "Well if Leslie Knope can, I can!" Her character is always uniquely herself and never wavers from that. She is the most positive female role-model, I have seen on mainstream TV in a while, but is absolutely friggin hilarious at the same time. It's like you're learning to be an empowered woman through hypnosis because as you watch you really don't realize what is happening. All of sudden you're like "I can be anything! Thanks Leslie!" Truly, she is amazing! Also, UCB is fantastic.

2. Tina Fey- She is the one who made me decide that I wanted to work in comedy. Even if I am just the coffee girl on a cable access improv group show, I don't care. I will work in comedy in some form.(Hey Chris Hardwick, do you need someone to run Nerdmelt in Chicago???? My co-writer and I would be perfect.) Hell, as long as this blog exists and I laugh while writing it, I am doing pretty good. Well, hopefully others are laughing. (Nope. Just at me then. Oh well).

But seriously. I started watching 30 Rock and was just mesmorized by it. Liz is almost the perfect example of a #Trainwreck. She makes me happy to be one. Nothing goes right in her life, she is constantly stressed, she is the nerdiest person she knows, and she barely gets the admiration she deserves. That is how I feel most of the time. (Okay, all the time.) Of course, everyone feels that way in some capacity, but she is the person I want to be, so it's more special to me!

She was also the first female head writer of SNL. If that is not a thing for women, then I don't understand the world. (Well, I don't but I understand that!) She makes me want go for what I want and makes me believe that as long as I am doing what I love, I will find happiness in someway. Even if most people don't consider an over-stressed comedy junkie to be happy at all, I do.

3. Miranda Hart- Okay, I should not have favorites of favorites, but if I had to choose, Miranda Hart would win. I only recently discovered her because of my new obsession with British Panel shows. She was on Big Fat Quiz 2011. Have you seen our Big Fat Quiz of the USA post? It is quite ( and the American version of "quite" which means "very or really") good. I am biased though, but seriously, my co-writer and I worked hard! Sorry back on track! Bare with! (Get it now?? "Bare with" is a line from Miranda!) After watching the quiz,  I obviously internet stalked and found her on Would I Lie to You, The Graham Norton Show, her Sitcom and everything else. (I have a lot of free time and I don't sleep. Leave me be!) I am also ordering her book and just ordered the dvds....I kinda had an binge the other day. Yeah, no paycheck for me. Amazon is getting all my money.

Miranda is the perfect example of #trainwreck. (and I obviously am using #Trainwreck in a positive way). If you have not watched her show, here are some examples of her trainwreck-y-ness: She is constantly falling, lying, and acting just obscenely awkward in so many situations. She tells an old crush she is an olympic gymnast. And even though I watch this and constantly see how much of a mess her life is, I want to be her anyway because she just seems to be having so much fun in the not-so-perfect life she has created. She never lets criticism stop her and she lives how she wants, even if that includes fruit friends and a hoover vacuum dressed as man. So it is okay for me live online, have one friend, and watch British Panel shows and call it "research" for my career. Normal is whatever definition I choose.

Each of these woman has added great things to the comedy world and I salute each one. I hope you check out some of the things I have mentioned here because you'll laugh. And if you don't want to laugh you may want to seek help. Thanks and goodnight!

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