Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Letter to a Childhood not Forgotten

A little backstory, I was at work and thumbing through my facebook feed while waiting for gymnastics to finish so I could pick up the kid, yes I happen to be a nanny.

So I'm standing among 25 parents waiting for their children when I see an article posted, the title read: Exclusive: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel Officially Join Girl Meets World Pilot. I was then stared at by those 25 parents as I let out a noise, that really no human should be making, while still trying to conceal it, as I was in public. I know, they actually let me out in public to be with the other mouth breathers, I don't understand why either. But back to my backstory, so I see this article title and of course have to read the thing while waiting. It tells me that two of my most beloved characters on TV as a child, two characters that I watched for seven years through their ups and downs, their break ups and make ups and most importantly, two characters that I watched for seven years while we were growing up at roughly the same pace, wow tangent, but that those two characters are going to come back to my TV.

In case you live under a rock/I'm being too subtle (Ha!) I'm talking about Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. For those of you not as plugged into all things BMW as my co-writer and I are, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have signed on to reprise their roles of Cory and Topanga in the soon (eventually) to come sequel, Girl Meets World which will follow the life of their daughter Riley

I know what you're thinking..."a sequel? Ugh, those always ruin things. Why mess with perfection? It's going to be on the Disney Channel? So what you're really telling me is that my best friends Cory and Topanga are going to have to share the channel with shows like Jessie and My Babysitter is a Vampire. Seriously? My Babysitter is a Vampire?"

I know what you're thinking because when my co-writer and I first heard the news, we thought all of those things too. We said that if Cory and Topanga weren't on the show, and if Disney made the show just like all of their others, that there was almost no way we'd watch. And I was still skeptical all weekend, until I saw this letter that Danielle Fishel wrote to us, her fans, on her Tumblr. And that's really what made me sit down to write this.

In the letter you did a few things, that really just make me love you and the cast and crew of BMW even more so that I already did before. I know that you know all of the things you wrote but others don't so I'm going to run done a few. You thanked the fans, expressed your own undying love and gratitude for the cast and crew of BMW and in the same breath promised us that you all would try to make GMW as much like BMW as you could with the sequel still being a new show.

The fact that the creators of Boy Meets World actually understand just how much of an effect this show had on its fans (spanning a generation and a half, or kids born from 80-94) got to me. So did reading that the only reason any of you signed on to it or even thought about doing this sequel was the promise that you could make it as special to us/you as the original. I thought I was done for.

Then came the bit where you urged us to trust the creatives and remember that GMW will have a pilot just like the original did all those years ago. I really think that this bit, this part of your letter squashed in between so much love for us and for both shows and your co-workers was really the part that made me want to really love this new show. I think this showed just how much you know the internet. You know just how much the internet loves to tear something apart before it's really been given a chance. And you're not wrong. Let's face it, I love the internet but it is definitely a place where people feel comfortable saying exactly what the feel even if it's never  something they would say to a person's face.

Danielle, you get it. You get us. And that was the deciding factor for me. I will be reading every article to do with Girl Meets World and I will wait for casting news with anticipation. And when the pilot airs, I will gather all of my fellow John Adams High alums and we will watch and give it a chance. Because that's what it deserves; and more importantly, it's what those who spent 7+ years of their lives loving deserve. I hope the rest of my #trainwrecks do too.

I guess my wrap up is just a thank you. Thank you, Danielle, for loving Boy Meets World as much as the tweens/teens/and on did. Thank you for having faith in the sequel enough to want to attach your name to it and thank you for having faith in us. I am so happy to give this a chance.

Love, the #Trainwrecks

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