Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very YouTube Concert!

(Sorry for poor quality. My phone is dumb)

We are aware that the title makes it seem like we are writing about Starkid, but that is not the case this time...I did meet Brian Holden...maybe that's why I have Starkid on the brain. This is actually about our adventure to see Alex Goot and Friends.

Let me tell you it was an adventure. Joliet is not Chicago and GPS should have spellcheck. Just sayin. So we'll start there. We got lost. Terribly lost, and it was mostly my fault and by mostly I mean all. I typed in Mojos thinking that's how you spell Mojoes. Well, it's not, and that took us 45 minutes past our destination. So we would have been 20 minutes early, and instead, we were 20 minutes late. Oops. So the car ride was our other friend (yes, it's true there is another but he lives a 1000 miles away so it doesn't really count.) sitting in the back ignoring the two of us yelling that the GPS is right and the GPS is wrong and neither getting anywhere but further from our destination. Finally, Nora spoke and said the address and I said that's not what is currently in the GPS. Thanks Mojoes. So we re-routed with a legal u-turn and got back on track. We finally made it! Woo!

So, that was our adventure, and now on to what you actually came here to read. Our thoughts and awards on the concert!

1.  The window. So we were on the second floor because that is where you can drink. We ended up sitting right across from this window that looked into the green room. Now there are shades there to allow the artists privacy backstage, but some artists did not want the privacy. They preferred messing with their friends who were currently on stage. And by "they" I mean Corey Gray and Alex Goot. And by "friends on stage" I mean Chad Sugg. During his set both Alex and Corey kept going to the window and causing the crowd to clap, cheer, fist pump, or whatever their puppet master wanted. It was too amusing to watch. I feel like it was a competition between Goot and Gray to see who could get the crowd to do what. Whenever the crowd played along with one of them, they would do a little cheer dance in celebration. All of which, we were able to see. Eventually, they closed the blinds because Corey had to go on stage and he was probably having the most fun with it.

2. Joliet is NOT Chicago. Every time they said, "What's up Chicago?" or "How are we feeling, tonight, Chicago?" Nora had to say, "Technically were in a different county than Chicago. This is a completely different town that is not Chicago!" She has issues. She knows it and is working on it. (Lies)

3. If you are a parent dragged to a concert where you are lucky enough to still be able to drink, don't sit anywhere you're in the way. You don't want to be there, and we don't want you there either; but you have children and have to be. So get your six Coronas and vodka tonics and sit at the bar away from everyone who wants to see the show. Don't make me play the-I-lean-forward-because-you-leaned-back to-see-game and then switch every 30 seconds. This is not a fun game because I don't win and then I don't get to see my favorite performer there which is Chad. The evil woman left after his set. At least, she didn't interrupt Corey Gray or Nora would have punched her....(Nora: Bitter? Me: Why of course not...lies).

4. All the artists ran their own merch tables. This led to many wonderful things. Mainly, it led to fun with Corey Gray! He told us all the shenanigans happening backstage like free haircuts, messing with the audience, and what not. He was really chatty and it was really nice. We bought his and Julia Sheer's CD which he immediately asked for our names so he could personalize the CDs. We then got pictures with him. Mine was normal. Nora's was awesome. While getting into the photo, she flipped her hair back, knocking her Starkid sunglasses off of her head. He then grabbed the sunglasses, put them on, and made a gangster like face for the photo. It is priceless. He is too amusing! And since the merch was run by the artists we also got to meet Luke Conard and Julia Sheer. (Photos below illustrate how Nora gets cool photos)
Katie and Julia (Normal Photo)
Nora and Corey (Awesome Photo)

5. We'll start this one with Nora almost told Chad Sugg I was Canadian. It might seem odd to you that I  can be shy and not say everything I am thinking. So when Chad came out to meet fans and take photos, he was immediately surrounded. So I patiently waited. I was twice the age of half of them which is weird enough. So I was like, I can wait, I don't have a curfew. But Nora, known for her patience (Not) was not having it. So she just kept yelling lies behind me, pushing me forward so I could then get my photo.  She yelled things as small as "We have an appointment to make at 10:30 at night" and then they just progressively got weirder to the point of "She is Canadian and came all the way down from Canada to see just you, Chad." Granted right after that, I got my photo. Luckily, he did not ask me if I was Canadian. I don't think I could lie to him. I did get to say, "Don't tell, Alex but I came to see you." Which he responded by saying, "Thank you" and giving me a big hug. So it was all worth it and it all worked out in the end. (No, thanks to Nora's lies....she says Bullshit to that)

Katie and Chad (I am not Canadian) 


Best Solo Performance: Alex Goot, but that's kind of a given since he is the headliner. You can't beat the headliner.

Favorite Voice: Corey Gray!!!! He could sing to us forever and ever and ever. You understand.

Best Solo Stage Presence: Luke Conard. Even though, it was just him and his red laptop (which we tweeted about), he was able to really draw the audience in and make them listen to his wonderful tunes. The Vlogmas helped. That was pretty cool.

Best Originals: Chad Sugg. C'mon no one can argue with me. He is fantastic. Everyone can relate to his songs and they all have his unique signature. You can always tell if it is a Chad song.

Best Backstage Shenanigans: A tie to Corey Gray and Alex Goot. Granted it leans more towards Corey just because when he went on stage, all the shenanigans stopped. So he was fueling the crazy.

Best Fan Interaction: Julia Sheer off stage and Alex on stage.  Juila was super personable at the merch table and gave her fans individual attention. It was really nice to see.  Alex really got the audience to play along with him at every turn. Everyone sang 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton and Everytime We Touch by Cascada.

Cutest Looking: Here is where Nora and I cannot agree. We're fighting. I say Chad and she says Corey. So that one is up to you. You can watch all their videos and give us feedback. You will not change our minds though. But we admire someone who accepts the challenge.

Overall we had a splendid time. We drank, we watched amazing music being performed, we laughed, we fan girl-ed out, and obviously mocked each other the whole night. And we also accidentally live tweeted the event. Granted, live tweeted poorly because we were wrong about a lot of things, tagged the wrong people and did not send thaaaat many tweets. So yeah. A usual night out with us when you add famous people we love and alcohol.

Sorry this is late. We were a bit busy and Nora broke her foot. It has been an interesting few days. But the post is here now and that is what matters!

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