Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Chris Hardwick (or, Why We Should Run NerdMelt Chicago)

Now normally I'd apologize for writing to you/about you so much, but you're Chris, the Nerdist himself, so I know you understand. Plus I'm betting you've never read any of my other letter(s) so this one will be a first for you. Yay! (BUT, if you happen to get bored/curious, you can check out my open love letter to you here.)

So here's some background, my co-writer and I are going to see you tonight at Zanies in Chicago and so before that happens, I wanted to write you a quick letter including some of the reasons why we should run NerdMelt Chicago. Should it ever exist. (Because you said in that one live podcast you did in Chicago that you would love to one day open up NerdMelt Chicago.) I am here to assure you that you should look no further than this very letter for your managers. Here's why:

1) Experience. We have a lot of it. In college, with a couple of friends, we managed to create and maintain a student group devoted to theatre tech and were used by various student and faculty run groups across campus during our time there. We have since done theatre anywhere we can/they allow us to volunteer

2) Tech! We know it! Because of the fact that for about a year there was just the four of us in our Tech group, we have all managed to pick up a few things about everything tech.  We even know our way around a few lighting/sound boards. Got an ETC Expression? Well we happen to have a little experience with that.

3) Familiarity.  We not only know a lot about Nerdist Industries and have listened to/watched almost everything to do with it but we know a fair amount about comedy as well. Full disclosure, Katie (my co-writer) knows way more about comedy than I do, but I'm learning. But the important thing is that we won't need play catch up very much in terms of the things you are/we will be doing. We're already halfway there.

3) Connections. We have them. At least, the kind where we can call all of our friends to cal all of their friends to come see the shows we will be putting up. That's totally a good thing. Right?

5) We really need the jobs. We're recently out of/still in college students with theatre degrees, do you know what kind of jobs we can get with that? We have pretty much been left with nanny and secretary. Take pity on us? Pretty please?

I sincerely hope you'll take us into consideration because really, when it comes down to it, just being included in anything Nerdist would be completely awesome. If you've got a minute, I hope you tour around our little blog and come to the same conclusion that we have. The #Trainwrecks and Nerdist will be a perfect fit.

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