Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Harry Potter Sappy Post

I know, this blog is usually full of funny, random, and absurd things. Today, I am making a little change. So sorry if you don't like sappy, but being a potterhead actually means a lot to me for more reasons than it is just a great book. So, if you're not a fan then don't read this, it will just make you annoyed and I don't those feelings around my blog. (Unless you're using it to fuel an angry logic rant like David Mitchell). This post however is not for a David Mitchell rant.

Lets begin!

There are things that happen in life, and in the moment, they seem so insignificant, especially when you're a child. Kids appreciate nothing. However, one day you'll look back and realize that those small moments are the ones that mean the most. Over the past few weeks, I realized that The Harry Potter Series was one of those things, set of moments. It seemed like it was just a book series, but it became so much more to me.

The first thing that the series gave me was something/someone to look to when I needed help in any situation in life.

Any time I felt less pretty than the other girls or that I just did not fit in, I turned to Hermione. She taught me that as long as you believe in your abilities and trust who you are, people will realize what a great person you are. It may just take time.

If I ever felt that a situation was hopeless, I turned to Harry. He showed me to never give up no matter what the odds might be. He came out of some the toughest situations and if he can live through that, I can get through anything as well.

If I ever felt like I was always second best or that everyone just out shined me, I turned to Ron. He showed me that we all have different strengths and that those talents are needed, no matter what we might think of ourselves.

If I ever needed sage advice, Dumbledore was there with some words of wisdom. He teaches extraordinary lessons in each book. Even when his character dies, he comes back with my favorite piece of advice. "Of course, it's happening inside your head but why should that mean it isn't real?"

If I ever felt guilty over something and felt that I could never come back from it, Snape showed me that you can always find redemption. He also taught me that it works in reverse. That you can always forgive someone who is truly sorry for what they have done to you or someone you love.

And finally whenever I felt I needed a home, Hogwarts was there to take me in. It was there to give me the adventure I craved and place to believe that truly anything is possible.

It seems like these books could not give me anymore, I know. But it gave me something even better than what I listed above. It gave me a family. To this day, my mother is synonymous with these books. Without her, I probably never would have read them. When the first books came out, my mother forced my brother and me to sit down in her room and listen to her read about "The boy who lived." She was not going to allow us to miss out on these. Neither my brother nor I wanted to listen. However, she kept reading through our, especially my, stubbornness. Through most of the first chapters I sat on on the floor and threw grapes at her. It obviously did not stop her. She knew eventually these characters and places would mean something to me. And we all hate to say this sentence, but my mother was right. (I almost couldn't type that. It was so hard.)

And as my brother and I grew up, she stopped reading and we started. We would wait on the front porch the day we knew the next one was going to arrive. All three of us would have our own copies and see who could finish first.

Eventually, the movies came into our lives as well. All of us went to the Prisoner Of Azkaban midnight premiere together.  We all share that one as our favorite book. (My mom fell asleep.) Over last winter break, my mom and I watched all the movies on Blue-ray together over the course of a week, just because we wanted to.

The series boned all of us together. I'm pretty sure all of us cried (my brother will deny this but I have no proof to prove to say otherwise) when Sirius died.  Actually, I'm pretty sure my mom was on the floor sobbing when she read it. I remember that my brother walked in on her and just said "you just read..." and she nodded.  Even now, all of us sit around and discuss the series. We discuss that we all felt Lupin was portrayed wrong in the movies but Sirius was great. We discuss who are favorite and least favorite characters are. We also own both the english and american versions. My mother specially bought the UK dvds so it said Philosopher's Stone. #trainwreck family.

So really, she gave me the greatest gift which is the series itself. She gave me this place to put my hopes, dreams, fears, and anything else. She gave me characters that became friends. But above all she gave me the greatest magic, which anyone who has read the series knows is love.

I know guys, sappy, but I bet some of you have the same attachment in some form to one of your fandoms. This just happens to be mine. Feel free to share them if you like. Either as a comment or a private message on the tumble aaanndimatrainwreck. I would love to hear about it. Even if it is a different fandom as well.

This post is also for the fellow Potterheads. We are also a giant #trainwreck family.

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