Monday, December 17, 2012

Nerdgasm #9 and #10 kinda...

So, the first nerdgasm is the one we had on our own. Sorry, viewers this one is pretty much just for us, but you can also enjoy the wonderful face that is Chris Hardwick. Yes, below is a photo of the #Trainwrecks with one of our heroes, the nerd overlord himself, Chris Hardwick! Nora could barely formulate words because the nerdy-ness was just too much to take! It was wonderful!

And then he signed my Comedy idea book!!! and the drawing I made of him for Nora's Christmas present! He drew and arrow to his face and then signed his name like "that's me!" The night was just too good to take. Also, the opening comedian Nate was hysterical as well. All in all, it was a night I will never forget!

And in true Nerdgasm fashion, something for everyone to nerd out over! This is a crossover video of the Avengers, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who. So it has all the awesome-ness and it's funny!

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