Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trainwreck's Adventure with Live Music: Part 1

I'm not sure if you've noticed this by now but Katie and I are quite friendly.........and by friendly, I of course mean that all of our thoughts happen outside of our heads as opposed to inside of our heads, like the rest of humanity. You know it's a problem when the guy selling t-shirts (etc) mocks your way of saying 'buttons', but we'll get to that.

So a few weeks ago, Katie and I went to the Alex Goot and Secondhand Serenade concert.....of course we'll be discussing neither of those bands. For more info on Alex and his friends, go check out this post (Side note, Alex is awesomely adorable and really easy to talk to; so go tweet at him. Side side note, Katie says to Chad "You were not at this concert but we apparently need to talk BMW..not the cars...the show...heard you're a big fan, let's discuss.)

We are, however, discussing two new (to us) bands that we saw that night and absolutely adored: The Role Call and Living in Pretend. As always, we'll start at the beginning. This will be a two part post, check in next week for our post on Living in Pretend; but in the meantime go follow them on Twitter/Facebook/Youtube @LivinginPretend.

We arrived at the Bottom Lounge, where the show was talking place, and we were greeted by the most adorable (and cold) looking boys. They introduced themselves as Steve (@SteveTRC on the Twitter) and Max (@MaxTRC), and they were in band called The Role Call (@TheRoleCallMN). For those of you who don't know,  The Role Call is a pop/rock band of five young (19-22ish) guys based out of Minneapolis, who occasionally travel to promote their band, which is what they were doing here.

Anyways, Max and Steve told us that they were going to be playing some acoustic songs from their EP after show and asked if we would stick around to see them play. We of course said yes, they handed us their card (Which had their phone number on it, which you can text and get actual responses from the boys) We stayed for a bit to chat before wondering into the venue. I mostly asked why they weren't wearing gloves, did they need gloves, and that I had gloves they could use. I was slightly concerned (It was cold! They were nice, it happens). They told us we were friendly and that they hoped to see us after the show. Which of course, they did. I again offered them gloves, it was really cold out, but Max (playing guitar) refused as it's hard to play with them and Steve refused out of solidarity. See? Adorable.

You're probably wondering (and by you, I mean Mike...and Katie's mom... Katie says "Two fans? YES!") about their music. We bought their EP & got them to sign it (Katie just just made this weird finger gun-clicking mouth noise "Who knows what that'll be worth some day" thing with her face and I just had to share it with you because it was odd....Katie stands by it, we'll have to photograph it one day and let you be the judge.). It's a really fun EP, and the fact that we heard it live with part of the band standing 18in from us just makes it all the better. I'm 99.9999% positive that the memory of Steve, Max, Katie, myself and a few others singing "Won't Get Down" as loud as we could to try and out-noise the screeching El train above us will stay with me forever.  But seriously, go get their EP. It's really great & at only five dollars, you really have no excuse. Seriously, my coffee at Starbucks costs more than their EP. If you like, All Time Low or The Maine or anything like that you will love them! Trust us!

I'm so glad Katie's sitting next to me because between the two of us, we've got one functioning memory (remember the designated remember-er?...we still need one). She reminded me that another of the reasons why we loved Steve and Max so much, and why we don't mind pimping their shit out ad nauseam is because they reminded us of...well us. See, we were about to leave, and Steve was at their car and suddenly yells "I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!" Katie turns to Max and asks if this a good thing or a bad thing, Max replys "It really depends." I'm not sure about you but that interaction describes just about half of the conversations here at #Trainwreck Headquarters (yes, I did just name my basement #Trainwreck Headquarters).

Since meeting the band, we've texted back and forth, as well as participated in a #askTRC on twitter which not only broke their twitter but got us the answers to some burning questions. Questions like, what's your guilty pleasure show (For Steve, it's How I Met Your Mother) as well as what's your favorite 90's movie (Again, Steve responded with Gremlins). I know I feel, and Katie agrees, like we've really gotten to know them and all I'd say to them if they're ever back in Chicago've definitely got at least one place to stay, all you have to do is ask.

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And yes we did just re-read that and said, "Who let's us talk to people!"