Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Keychain Productions

So everyone knows I have a somewhat obsessive personality. Luckily, this obsessiveness only pertains to shows and nerdy things. (Imagine if it was people I knew. I would have no friends...Yeah there was a realization there. Anyhoo) This time my obsessive personality led me to something pretty cool.

Recently fellow co-writer Nora and I have been watching Primeval. It is a great British Sci-Fi series about holes in time and dinosaurs. Watch it. You won't regret it. So as we watch, we obviously become attached to specific characters. I actually became attached to this character before even watching the series because of Syfy's Alice. (Have you seen it? Oh my god! It is amazing! Hatter, that is all I can say.) Sorry that was my fan girl disease. Random bursts of excitement over shows. Back on track now. Well, I loved Hatter who is played by Andrew Lee Potts, (Pottsy as his friends call him) and he also played Connor Temple in Primeval. Every fan girl's next step after picking favorite character is to then internet stalk him. As I did this, I came across Keychain Productions. We have finally reached the topic of this post.

Keychain Productions is a company started by Andrew Lee Potts and friends in 2006. The team consists of Andrew, Tony Denman, and Alex Moss. Keychain is a fantastic company that has put out some amazing work.  Their aim is to "create original and compelling ideas and shoot them on near to no budget."  Keychain has produced a variety of shorts, from their first short 'Blood On Benefits' to their now most recent, 'Monitor'. They also have made some pretty funny comedy videos like iDance and a few music videos as well. Their latest music video was Neil Jackson's "Rocket to Mars." (I really liked that one.) They were also finalists at 2012’s Virgin Media Short Film Awards for their short ‘Little Larry.' (also loved that one)
That is just their background. But the part of this group that I love the most is their motto: "If you have passion. Follow it." What better message can come from a group of artists?  I hope the people who view this blog pay attention to that statement. (So that would be my co-writer and our friend Mike. So pay attention guys) This is the time for us to do what we love. We have the time and energy to try anything now. We have the ability to just do what we love and see what it can bring to us and others. We might fail, but who cares? For a brief amount of time, we could spend hours working on something we are passionate about with people who feel the same. No job or amount of money will feel better than that. And who knows, it might work out, and then we could actually get paid to do what we want. I know, crazy right? The chances, especially since most of us are in the arts, are slim, but I repeat, who cares? Being in the arts is like a disease, we cannot help it. No matter how hard we try to do the logical, stable job, we can't, or we can't only do that job. In Andrew's Bio, he says, "He is addicted to filmmaking and is grateful there is no rehab!" And because of that love/addiction, Keychain has created some phenomenal work. So find some friends and do something you love. I promise it will be worth it and I keep my promises...usually.

And one more thing about Keychain productions, they are #trainwrecks like us. Just watch some of their vlogs. They just ramble on, dance, and say some of the dumbest but most hilarious things. In the vlogs, Andrew can never stop laughing, they go off topic all the time, and they seem to forget they are on camera sometimes. That kinda sounds like the ramble filled blog we put out. Most of the time we forget others can read this (not that they really do, but they can. The off topic thing though. I have no idea. That is crazy. Oh did anyone see the Supernatural Harlem Shake? Oh Jensen. It was his idea, you know!...Oh off topic...Got it now.)

Then each member on their own has a bit of trainwreck in them.  On Alex's bio he says, "He expects to go prematurely grey as a result of [his] role." Apparently, he is the calm in all of the crazy that is Andrew and Tony.  Then Tony likes "making music with wooden spoons, and re-enacting scenes from the latest Ben 10 or Sponge Bob Square Pants episodes with his 8 year old son Buster." If that is not adorable trainwreck behavior, I do not know what is. And Andrew is just over all, a bit of a spaz. To get the full scope of that please watch all the vlogs. You will see. It is hard to write about it. It is great though.

So that is Keychain Productions and we hope you check them out and DONATE! (Yes, more shameless plugs! Woohoo!) Just click the link, and there is a button on the bottom left that will let you donate. Everything they do, comes from support of their fans, and you can even donate by buying really awesome merchandise from their Little Links Shop. That is what we did. I am still waiting on the t-shirt I ordered, but it is coming from the UK so it takes a while. So please, again, check them out, and hopefully, you will like them as much as we did!

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