Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Trianwreck's Guide to Ignoring Winter

So, I went perusing online to try and find some ideas on how to make it through the rest of winter. I don't know about you, but I am kind of done with this whole "it's cold" thing. So, I read some articles and looked a few things up, but none of those things felt like they would help me. They were things like:

- Get sunlight in your bedroom as early as possible. (No, I like sleeping. Sunlight ruins one of my favorite activities. Not doing that. Next)

- Take a vitamin supplement. (I am sorry, but a vitamin is not going to make me warmer or feel like the outside of my house is not dreadful. Next)

-Take a trip somewhere warm (Yeah, I don't have the money to live out of my parents house and you think I have the money for a trip. Nope.)

- Exercise (Really? I don't even have a response for that.)

So all the suggestions just seemed to fail and some made me feel slightly angry. That was when I thought, I need to make my own list and help others like me. And hopefully get some comments from you guys on some more ideas. Here are my ideas for ignoring winter.

1. Wear your fun spring clothes. I mean when you leave the house bundle up like crazy, (No one wants pneumonia) but when you arrive at where ever you are going, ditch the parka and be in the fun spring dress with leggings.  Obviously, you're going to be inside where it is warm, so who needs to wear a heavy sweater. If you're cold, just grab a beer. You'll feel warm eventually.

2. Play all the music that reminds you of summer. If it is a song that make you want to drive around with your windows down, put it on a mix. Nothing transports you out of the frozen tundra like a good, warm feeling song. So as you walk to work in the frigid cold, you can imagine your somewhere else where the breeze is warm and you can actually feel your face.

3. Movie/TV Marathon of your favorite beach, summer films. Also, blast the heat in your apartment when you do. So then you can sit around in shorts and a tank top without feeling cold. This will provide the perfect sensation of summer. You'll be complaining that it is hot and just want a cold beer.

4. Throw a tiki or tropical themed party. Again blast the heat in your apartment. Then tell everyone to bring their summer clothes. You could have everyone in beach wear, drinking margaritas, and sitting on towels on your floor. There is no way you will remember that the weather man has predicted another snowstorm for tomorrow.

5. Indoor Games. Take your favorite outside games and try to create an indoor version. Once Nora and I got a bunch of friends and some nerf guns for some real fun. It gets you up and moving, and who thinks about winter when you are being ambushed by the team hiding behind the couch? No one, that's who!

Well I hope these helped and were better than some of the other suggestions out there. Hopefully once you have tried all of these solutions, it will be spring/summer and we won't need them anymore.

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