Monday, March 25, 2013

Nerdgasm #18: GameBros WebSeries

Okay, confession time. And this is something that a lot of people don't really know about me. I feel like I've managed to keep it hidden really well, and for a long time. See the truth is...

...I'm not a gamer, whew. Glad I got that out there.

Much like my music knowledge, my video game knowledge stops somewhere around the Game Cube....Mario Kart Double Dash is my game. But while I may not game myself, so many of my friends do, and I've had the pleasure of sitting in on a game or two....or 100. Which is why I love this Nerdgasm so much.

This is the Game Bros Web Series brought to the world by Tim Ryder (@TimRyder on the Twitter) and Daniel Strauss (@DanielStrauss) who is associated with Team Starkid (for all of you Starkids out there).  The web series really delves into what it means to be a gamer as well as the places that being a gamer can take you. And it's hilarious, did I mention how funny it is?

Here is the trailer:

And one of my favorite episodes (Thus far):

So whether you game, or just know 100 people who do (just kidding, I definitely don't know 100 people period, let alone who game), I"m sure you'll find something in this web series to connect with. I sure did.

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And yes we did just re-read that and said, "Who let's us talk to people!"