Friday, February 15, 2013

The Post Where We Apologize

Dear Readers, (Hi, mom!)

No, we're not apologizing for what we wrote previously. It's too late for that. We're actually apologizing for what we have not written.

So, I don't know if you have noticed, but there have been barely any updates to the blog lately, and if we have posted, we have posted super late. (like now!) We apologize. We have just started working on a Theatrical Show, school is getting more demanding, and I actually have a somewhat of an adult job. It also does not help that we are both addicted to a new show (Primeval, go watch it. It's awesome. There are dinosaurs and cool sci-fi things! It's our new fandom drug.) Sorry, got distracted. It's blog time, not TV time. Focus!

Because of these various activities, we have decided to downgrade the blog for a little while. There will always be our typical Monday Nerdgasm post. (Please send in any ideas you have for Monday's Post or maybe something you have created. We would love that! Send to Then we will do one other post a week. It will probably be a Friday post, but you may get it sooner. Obviously, we will spam social networks when there is a post, so you won't miss a thing. Again any ideas, rants, musings, or subjects you want us to discuss please send in. Or, if you just have questions, we can start to answer those. If you do something like this and we use your submission, we will give you a thank you/mention on some social networking medium and probably a follow. Just make sure you include your twitter/tumblr handles.  Extra press for each other is always nice!

So I hope you accept our apology, and in case you don't, I have one more trick up my sleeve. Here is a funny video starring Andrew Lee Potts. It's a preview of what I hope to be writing about soon! So now there is intrigue and you must return! If you are a movie enthusiast, you will enjoy this. (But even if you aren't...just watch this. How could you say no to that face.)

Your very apologetic #Trainwrecks

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And yes we did just re-read that and said, "Who let's us talk to people!?"