Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Roundup

Halloween is almost upon us! And it's a Thursday! So, for those of us not going out on a Thursday, but who still want to celebrate on the actual day, we here at #Trainwreck HQ have compiled a list (with some links as well!) of our favorite things to watch on Halloween (She's not next to me currently but I know Katie is somewhere saying, not just on Halloween!!! Which is fair, you don't just have to watch these movies/tv shows in the Fall. We're all mostly adults, watch them whenever you damn well please.)

No wait, come back! You haven't even gotten to the list yet!

Casper The link is to Casper Meets Wendy which is what I always think of when I think of Casper/Halloween. BUT if you're curious about the classic cartoon it can be found on Netflix
Hocus Pocus
Scooby Doo - Currently on Netflix
NBC ( we can't believe it either)'s Dracula - I believe this one is on Hulu (or Hulu Plus)
Sleepy Hollow - Currently on On Demand and I believe Hulu as well
Nightmare before Christmas - Can be found on Netflix

Favorite Halloween Episodes
And Then There was Shawn- BMW Go to Youtube for this one.
Some Sabrina Episodes
Charmed Episode: All Halliwell's Eve
Any Panel show with a Halloween theme?

But, enough about us. What's your favorite thing to watch around Halloween?

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