Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has things they do/watch/read/etc that they are not so proud of. (Do not try and deny that.) It is one of those things in life, you cannot help. I know. I have many. So this week, we thought we would explore that concept by revealing one of the Trainwreck's guilty pleasure TV shows.

Now before we reveal what this is, you must remember the point of this post. It is about guilty pleasures. We know that this show is bad. We know we should not watch this show. Nora even had a conversation with her dad about how she was not proud she was watching this show. So please, leave the comments of "How could you watch that?" and "Seriously? That show?" to yourselves. We get it. We know that this is not how we should be spending our time. So now that we have got that out of the way, we can reveal what TV show we have been obsessing over. *Drumroll* /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Teen Wolf ( I said no groans of disapproval! Well, I meant to.)

Yes, we have in the past few weeks began watching MTV's Teen Wolf. As we began watching, we tried to find something that would legitimize that we were in fact watching this show. We tried, "Well, this person is a writer." Nope, nothing there. We thought, "It's on this network," and no, that did not help us one tiny bit (MTV, really, we are watching MTV).   "Well this actor is in it?" Nope, nothing there either. Well, Mitch Leery was in it for about 2.5 seconds, but that did not really help much. So we just had to face it. This show had to be added to our list of guilty pleasure shows. There was no way around it.

Now, you're probably wondering, what keeps us watching such a show on MTV. Well, that is actually an easy answer. I mean besides the vast amount of very pretty boys who are often shirtless, there is one particular character who we enjoy greatly. That character is Stiles Stilinski. Stiles is played by young actor Dylan O'Brien. He was originally offered the starring role in the series but preferred the goofy sidekick role of Stiles. (No, we have not watched interviews or panels to find out that information....) And we do not blame him one bit for choosing to play Stiles. It is his adorable face and comedic stylings that keep us coming back for more. Both Nora and I "dibs-ed" him the moment we began watching. We were both enamored.

Each of had our own moment when he won us over. Let's just say Stiles had me at "Oh my God!" He ends an argument with Scott saying just those words very intensely. It kills me every time. I do not know if it's because of how dramatic he acts while saying the line or just how he says it in general, but I laugh every time. The scene is in one of the videos below. The argument they are having before the, "Oh my God!" was almost the part that won me over. They were arguing over who was Batman and who was Robin in their relationship. It was the nerdy side of me that began to fall.

STEAL: Alright #trainwrecks, it's Nora. Katie's way too busy to be paying attention to me so I thought I'd steal the blog post to let you in on my favorite Stiles scene.  It happens in the Pilot and was really when I decided that I had to continue watching this show to see what else Stiles would be doing. Let me set the scene, Stiles and Scott had heard about a body found in the woods and the morning after they had gone to investigate Stiles ran into his dad (the Sheriff) on the way to search for Scott's inhaler because he had left it there the night before during the investigation. Anyways, so Stiles runs into his dad and the two get into a battle of wits. Once Stiles realizes he's been caught he hangs his head and breathes out "Crap". Oddly enough that was the moment when I realized I had to keep watching, if only for Stiles.

STEAL BACK! Out of all the characters, you tend to find yourself caring mostly about Stiles, and what is happening in his life. Even though the series is about Scott, the newly changed werewolf on his path to figuring out his new life, you kind of don't care what he is going through. Scott even has the love story in the series with another major character, Alison Argent, and yet you still want to know what Stiles is up to.

However, our favorite parts of the show to watch are Stiles' interactions with another character, Derek. Derek is the other werewolf, that is dark and broody, and there to kind of guide Scott, and also play the villain now and again. He is a very intimidating to Stiles and does not deal with shenanigans very well. It is basically an odd couple scenario when they are in the same scene. You have dark, angry Derek, and jokester Stiles. You can see the easy comedy that comes out of that. Here is a favorite scene. (Sorry it's not the best quality. It was all I could find)

I was going to try and explain what makes Stiles so much fun to watch outside of his Derek scenes, but I do not think I will do it justice. The way he phrases his lines and how well he can do a prat fall needs to be seen. So, I am placing a favorite youtube fan video I found that highlights some of his best moments. And even if you have not seen the show, which I am guessing most of you have not, you will still enjoy this video.

And I re-iterate, this is a guilty pleasure. We know all that is wrong with watching this show, but we do it anyway. No judgement, please. We will not judge your guilty pleasure shows either. We are all about the love here...mostly.

Also feel free to share your guilty pleasure (as long as they don't get too creepy or weird. There are certain things people just need to keep to themselves).

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