Monday, August 5, 2013

Nerdgasm #24: The Doctor will see you now

Remember that time we had a blog? Neither do we.

I kid, I kid! I promise you that we're working on it.

But I'm not here to talk about me. See there's this show on over in Britain that has re-cast their main character (I know, they must be crazy) and for the twelfth time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who don't know by now...

The Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor is....

John Frobisher!

I mean Peter Capaldi!!

This is not a post about how much I hate Peter Capaldi, I promise. This is my safe space remember? I just need to voice my slight irritation because this new incarnation of the Doctor has already been placed in the Who-verse. Had a very large part in Torchwood Children of Earth in fact. I don't know, I feel like the Doctor would have recognized Jack and or at least tried to do something. Or it could have been a set event that had to happen like in Waters of Mars. Either way, it mildly irritates me.

Regardless of my nit-picks we #Trainwrecks want to welcome Peter Capaldi to the show and I know that I can't wait to see how the Doctor evolves.

For updates on Peter, or if you're looking for a place to slobber some Who-love all over him, you can 'like this page on Facebook.  It's run by the admin from the (yes this is my opinion) best Who-page on Facebook The Doctor Who Hub.

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And yes we did just re-read that and said, "Who let's us talk to people!"