Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nerdgasm #21: Patton Oswald is Even More Awesome

So all of us already have a love for Patton Oswald after watching his comedy for years and reading his remarks about the tragic events in Boston just weeks ago. I really did not think this man could get any more awesome, and then he did. He really did.

Last week he payed a visit to the set of Parks and Recreation to be a guest star. He was playing a concerned citizen trying to keep old laws alive in Pawnee, IN. During one of his scenes, his character is forced to filibuster to keep the council from voting out the law that he wished to keep. During his filibuster, Patton Oswald improvised for over 8  minutes about what he wants for the next Star Wars movie. And since Disney now owns both Star Wars and so many other of our favorite super heroes, he decided the he would create a multi-verse, including Star Wars, Avengers, and even X-men.

Here is the video. Just watch the amazing detail that he goes into about the movie, and then realize, he is making this up on the spot. I really think J.J. Abrams needs to call Patton and get to work on some of this stuff. He has some good ideas.

Please enjoy:

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